Saturday, April 9, 2011


Name/Location: Scott...Indianapolis, Indiana

Tell me about the shirt: Aways Aware t-shirt designed by Spoiler in 2007. Always Aware were from Chicago and members went on to be in Thought Crusade (Triple B Records).

Why is it important to you?: I love this shirt, its one of my favorite fitting shirts and I had always wanted it since i had seen it, but they didn't have this design the two times i ever saw them.

Where did you get it?: I got it when my band, Picked Clean, played with Thought Crusade (the singer of AW is in TC now) and he had a box of shirts for sale and i grabbed it super fast out of the box.

Any story you want to share about it? From what i have been told only like 15 of these shirts exist outta of like 50 or so they made. Someone stole the rest or some shit like that. I recently had someone offer me $100 for this shirt of my back, haha.

Post your blog/band site/whatever: Check out my band, Picked Clean, , new 7" out soon on Six Feet Under Records.
i also just found the facebook for picked clean. like them and support!

everyone check out picked clean! im always supporting SFU records, the link is in my sidebar so check them out and support dave!

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