Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy edge day

Happy edge day to everyone. 13 years ago I made the choice to keep living the sober life I've already felt so passionate about. To find out there was a name and a choice for the decisions that I've already made for myself and stood by.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First time for everything I suppose V. Apple picking

Well I'm not really sure why I've never gone before, but I decided that I wanted to go apple picking this fall. I knew of a bunch of places out in central MA, but I really didn't want to drive that far, when I go out there it needs to be for a day. I also didn't want to go down to the cape. After googling the only place I found that was kind of in my area was C.N. Smith Farm in East Bridgewater. My mom was on board for the adventure so we were on our way. It was super easy to find, I'm pretty familiar with the area though. There were SO MANY people there. It's like they were giving away money.  I've never done this before though so it could be the norm. We pulled in and the line was crazy so I had my mom get in line while I parked. Needless to say I was parked a bajillion miles away. Thankfully the line moved pretty quickly and my mom made her way to the first half of the line by the time I walked there. I wasn't familiar with the prices of the bags, but it was really expensive. For the smallest bag you could get "a peck" it was $22. This bag was pretty small too, oh well....I had to think past this and paid for my half. Then we were off! There were 4/5 kind of apples available this time of the fall. They had Mcintosh, macoun, courtland and honey crisp. I can't remember if they had another. We got all but Mcintosh, since we see those often at the store. It was so nice out, but the sun was killer when you were in it, I was legit sweating. After we got our back full we headed home and I baked some of the apples.