Friday, April 1, 2011


thursday i went to the doctors. my shirt choice of the day was inspired by the trash barrel stickers at the doctors office.

it was also snowing out. i took a video, but i dont know how to post those.

that night i met up with garvey and we went to sunset before the new lows/nails show. i got a BBQ chicken quesadilla and he got jerk chicken strips w/fries. my food was so good im considering getting it again next time i go.

after sunset we headed over to the show. it started way too late for me. i think new lows went on at about 10 ish.
here is a picture of me and julia at the show

after the show i left fast and went home!!

today was kind of a disaster so im going to leave out most of the bad details.

me and stef went to emmas pizza in bridgewater and got half off fajitas and we also had a very cute waiter.

how are you feeling today?

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