Sunday, October 24, 2010

ming tsai

friday night my friend eric and his girlfriend nicole were up here from philly. we went bowling and it was a great time!

saturday was the day to finally meet ming tsai! he was doing a free book signing at ikea where my mom works and ive been waiting weeks for this!

he was so nice!


thursday night me and jimmy when to go see red and i thought it was so funny and cute! i like when movies have happy endings and there wasnt TOO much sadness in the movie or anything scary which i like.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010


im a girl of many allergies and my most notable are my food allergies. i found my list from my food allergy testing today.
for everyone who is curious... here ya go!

- ALL raw fruit
- ALL raw vegetables

- EGG family

- BIRCH family
wintergreen (betulaspp)

- CASHEW family

- GOURD (melon) family
cantaloupe (muskmelon)
casaba (winter muskmelon)
chinese watermelon
citron melon
honeydew melon
persian melon
summer squash
winter squash

- PALM family
cabbage palm

- PARSLEY family

- PEA (legume) family
black-eye pea (cowpea)
broad bean (fava bean)
carob bean ( st. johns bean)
chick pea (garbanzo)
common beans
jack bean
lima bean

- PLUM family
peach, nectarine
plum, prune

- ROSE family
black raspberry
black berry
red raspberry

-WALNUT family
black walnut
english walnut
hickory nut

then there is stuff like dairy that makes me sick.

of course everything has different reactions and some are worst than others, but in the end my body hates me

lovely chicken teriykai lunch and a hampstah

Saturday, October 16, 2010

ive got too much time on my hands

so ive been so behind on updating, im the worst! im gonna try to do a little update

this was me yesterday
shirt- thrift
sweater- marshalls
jeans- levis
necklace- nordstroms

yesterday i went to the outlets with my mom and then out to boston to eat with a friend. i was in bed early

here are some pictures from the last week because im horrible.

this is from last weekend (saturday) when becky came to visit and we were at the fair eating chocolate covered marshmallows

this is me and becky in a horrible clothing store

this is the highest score ive ever gotten with becky in the background

wall with piggies

new band on my swatch... GLITTERRRRR

outfit for secret adventure

dress- fred perry
vest- \m/

italian ice mike and ikes MMMM

Sunday, October 10, 2010

random vent.

i hate when things always fall apart! i feel like theres always a dark cloud following me over my head.
thank god madmen is on in an hour because im upset

slightly catching up.

my friend becky just left my house and once she sends me some pictures from this weekend im going to make a big post!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fleetwood Mac - Say You Love Me (with lyrics)

i dont really have much to update tonight.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

memory lane on a boring sunday

here are a couple pictures i found while bored sitting on the couch today. when you see these you can see that my childhood revolved around... cars, harley davidson, and the dragway.

this is me in front of my dads chevelle in the driveway

this is me with an easter bunny. if i had to take a guess what mall this was taken at i would guess brockton

this is a picture of me on my dads sportster in front of my nanas house in randolph.

this is a picture of my mom holding me. she pretty much looks exactly the same and i told her today that those sunglasses are in style now

this is a picture of me holding a toy dragster. have you ever wanted something so badly then once you got it, it was ruined. i wanted one of these so badly and when i finally got one my little brother broke it days later. IM STILL BITTER.

fried pickle report

friday night i decided i was going to go to marshalls to visit bridget from work and see if there was any good deals to be had.
i got some michael kors flats on sale and some tights.
i made my way over to five guys across the parking lot to eat some dinner waiting for my mom.
me and my mom went to target and i picked up another little plastic stacked drawers thingy. it didnt really help with my clutter at all so it was kind of a fail.
friday night i couldnt sleep at all.

saturday was triple b show and i decided i was going to go if caitlin and garvey were going. i was grouchy.
me and garvey got chick fil a before the show.
it was very hot and draining inside.

me and caitlin went outside for a bit for a little air.

after the show stef, garvey, and i went to hooters for dinner.
ive heard that hooters is known for their fried pickles and since they are a love of mine i needed to try them

i didnt like them really. the batter was too thick and had no flavor at all. and they charged me for a little cup of crappy ranch. i ended up using ketchup... oof
i give them a 4 out of 10.

after that me and garvey went bowling as were stuck next to the worst people EVER

today has been a lazy day and i made nachos.

jacket fred perry
shirt target
skirt gap
socks target
boots marshalls

Friday, October 1, 2010


this wednesday i started belly dancing at ancient art studios in berkley, MA. its about 35 minutes from my house and the ride wasnt too bad. It was very intense compared to the other classes i used to take, which is exactly what i wanted. I really want to perform again and become a great dancer.
joining the class earned us a 10 dollar coupon in the studios store. i finally bit the bullet and bought a beautiful top and matching hip scarf. One step closer to a great performing costume. the top i had before was kind of a practice one.

this is the print on the hip scarf. it matches the top.

thursday is a day that i have been waiting for months for. seeing roger waters perform the wall. i bought my ticket on may 17th.
i drove into the city in horrible traffic and eventually met up with garvey for pizza at reginas. a lot of people in reginas were also going to the show.
this was before the show and showing how close i was to the stage.

then it all started.

while playing mother there was a video projected of roger singing the song 20 years ago. he sang along to the video and it was so wonderful. it was a really great thing to do

throughout the whole part 1 they were building a wall on stage. by the time the intermission came the wall was built. the guy who was next to me also came alone. after chatting with him and the boy in front of me i asked him to take a picture of me so i had some kind of memory of me being there. he saw pink floyd in the 80s which is cool.

he sang hey you behind the wall so i didnt take any pictures.

then the part came that i was waiting for.... THE FLYING PIGGY! i took so many pictures haha

then the wall was broken down.

a picture of my goodie bag/ shirt. i also got a poster, but i havent unrolled it yet