Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well I haven't updated in a long time. There were times that I tried, but I just lose the oopmth to do it. I feel like a lot has changed in my little unimportant world in the past few months.
I'll touch base on some of the good things, because no one cares about all of the bad.
Garvey, Stef and I went to Philly for This is Hardcore fest. Hung out with some good people.

On the 25th Garvey, Mike, Kara and I headed to NYC to see Quicksand. I seriously think my body is still recovering from it and I had the best time. Here are some videos from the show and its so weird to see myself and my friends in them. Just thinking about the show gives me chills.

You can see my prison striped self during Head to Wall. Its also fun spotting Garvey, Erik and Rich. Seeing the best show of your life while surrounded by some of your best friends is the best thing ever. I hope I didn't crush Rich too much during Dine Alone, hes a good friend and caught me.
Such a bummer he got kicked out :(

On Monday I got tattooed, I'm lazy and just stole the picture from Franz's instagram. I don't take many pictures and its hard to take a picture of your own calf.