Thursday, February 25, 2010

trying to plan my killing time travels is stressful when ill be away without being able to talk to anyone for a week

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

young lust

im sitting here watching food network eating my taco bell and wearing a lovely token entry shirt (which i also have in white). i got this shirt when i saw them with becky 2 winters ago in new jersey! it was such a fun time seeing them, and haha to all the people that didnt go because they thought they were playing the super bowl.
im eating a steak quesadilla and a 5 layer burrito (no sour cream ick) and some water.
i hate bobby flay

i cant wait until killing timeeee

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

now i have been on the hunt for a raw deal shirt for some time. ive been emailing people who had them begging them to sell, after a long time... someone finally sold one to me :). when i got this shirt in the mail i seriously hugged it and jumped up and down like i won the lottery. my mom goes... geesh we know what can actually make you happy (im generally a grumpy person). this almost put a temporary cherry on top of my killing time collection. of course my collection will never really be done, but it made me feel pretty happy and complete at that moment. ( all i need is the mastodon shirt ;) )

this is my hows your edge list, it has my killing time/raw deal collection. its been a long work in process and im fairly happy with it. i always wish i had more though. so if anyone actually reads my blog and if you have something i dont have... sell it to me or trade me it!

i could actually write about my love for killing time or killing time shirts forever, but ill try to limit the love for other posts with other shirts.

today is tuesday, which is food night. i know today is free pancake day at ihop

i dont even like pancakes really, but free is free! im still upset about all you can eat wings, how can you go up 2 dollars in 1 week?! they dont even ease you into the heartbreak.
bridget bought me lunch today, who says satanists arnt good people!? rice and chicken is probably the best meal ever. karrie also surprised me with a skybar when she went to the store... today is a good day free food wise :)

i need to remind myself to buy my united blood ticket, heather texted me today and kind of reminded me. shes lovely. im excited to go this year, last year i had to miss it so i skipped a year. i kind of wanted to fly, but driving with stef, garv, and jess should be a fun time. im probably going to try to sleep a good amount of the time though so i dont hate my life monday morning at work.

Monday, February 22, 2010

i tried to hide my face in this one, i have such a bad cold right now and my nose is all bloody and sad.
the ramones rule... so need i say more about this shirt?

so monday is down. 4 more work days left this week, ugh i just want it to go by quickly. i know i should be packing, but laying in bed when i feel crappy is a nice feeling. i actually should be cleaning my room, because that is much more out of hand haha.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i can never get to sleep when i really need to.
damn me oversleeping this morning/afternoon
im sitting in my room watching tool academy, this is a good season. i feel bad for that poor guy thats stuck in the girls rooms on the show.
you cant even walk through my room there is so much stuff, its so bad. i need to start packing for the cruise me and jeremey are going on next week. this is my first real vacation im so excited.
i also cant wait to use this... wooo.

watching these people on tool academy make up songs is so bad.

also.. the shirt im wearing is another shirt compliments of stealing my dads clothes from the 80s.

this week will hopefully go by quickly. i cant wait to hang this weekend and see killing time.

Friday, February 19, 2010

its also a great feeling to NOT set alarms. cant wait to sleep in tomorrow

well ive been kinda sick the past couple days. this is the first time in the last couple days ive been able to sit and think.
this killing time shirt came with my THREE STEPS BACK preorder. the new album came out on feb 9th on dead city records . i really advise you to pick up a copy if you havent yet. i think everyone that knows me knows that killing time is a band that is really close to my heart. from collecting their merch to singing along at their shows, this band just means so much to me.

everyone please pick up killing times new album

tonight i enjoyed some pizzeria regina with garvey and jen. then me and garvey went cosmic bowling at boston bowl. pretty good night. i also got to see caitlin for a bit, its so nice to see her.

i should really get some sleep tonight

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i feel so horrible.
i just want to curl up in bed and watch golden girls, fawlty towers, and criminal minds all day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

so im going to dig through my hundreds of items of clothing to see what i can bring to buffalo exchange.

oh leftovers

as im sitting waiting for 11 am to roll around im thinking about what ill have for lunch. i dont have leftovers today which bums me out. leftovers are probably my favorite things in the world to eat. when i go out to eat i think about what i can get so i can have leftovers for lunch at work the next day. i went out to pizza last night and i didnt get anything to have leftovers. ill have to buy lunch today UGH. ill see what karrie and bridget are getting, sooooo hungry.
wednesdays always bum me out, very uneventful day.
so lunch has been decided. i just hope the day goes by quickly.

dont have time really for a post, because im going to be late for work! will make it quick and post later :)
sometimes i forget the beauty of the youth sized tshirt. thank you to chris for those chips on friday.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

so i was at work eating a smores poptart (the best kind) and i was thinking about how much toaster strudel and poptarts fight in commercials.

poptarts are clearly the winner in the fight. the only thing toaster strudels have going on is that they have frosting packets. when you toast them you can burn them and the middle will still be cold. the only situation where i would choose them would be if i only had the brown sugar poptars ( I HATE THOSE).

work is pretty slow today, i just want lunch time to come so i can eat my smokey bones leftovers and cheez its.

im hoping to sell some clothes on craigslist so i can pay for my new car insurance. F PEOPLE WHO SUCK ON CRAIGSLIST.

i might just give up and list some stuff on ebay.

im so upset all you can eat wings has gone up to 5.99 from 3.99, it just makes me want to eat pizza later today.

music- david bowie, the man who sold the world

well i got this shirt from my friend sam last year. TRIPLE B RECORDS RULES. CHECK THEM OUT.

well its snowing outside and im less than excited. work will be busy with fools that dont know how to drive and i have is my single eggo to get my through the morning. i just want to sleep all morning so badly! maybe i will update from work. BYE

Monday, February 15, 2010

so.. i got this shirt years ago when my ex decided he wasnt into band shirts anymore. so yay for me. its perfectly worn and comfy, but the only bad thing is that it was a mens xl. my friend caitlin helped resize a lot of my shirts. sometimes i forget i have this shirt, but it rules. madball rules. hardcore still lives.

so this is one of the many shirts i have stolen from my dad. this shirt is older than me and fits me without having to resize it (things i like). for some reason this picture makes my boobs look huge, which they are not. i didnt care to take another picture though. i grew up on a motorcycle and have stolen all of my dads shirts from the 80s, hey they fit me better anyway.

dinner tonight was chicken parm with some asparagus, chocolates, and a cupcake.
watching paulas best dishes and going to head out to see death threat tonight.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i remember the day i got this shirt. i was in 6th grade and i was staying at my aunt danielle and nanas house. my aunt took me to newbury comics in braintree and i bought this shirt with my saved lunch money. it was originally a mens L, they didnt really sell smaller shirts then. i lived my 4'11 100 lb life in mens L and XL tshirts, but hey i didnt care.
this shirt was a mens L until 8th grade, then i resized it and the sides were held together with safety pins. it was held together with pins until 2008 and my friend megan sewn it together for me. it is pretty much perfect and ive had it for over 10 years now.

well after about 2 years of not updating this... i might start again