Saturday, April 30, 2011

This week ( how bad am I? ) long catch up!

Well I was waiting for Ryan to send pictures of us to me for the blog! I will have to go on without him for now. Sunday morning me and Joanna got up/ ready and headed out. We got bagels and ate in the car. We headed to Brooklyn to get tattooed. I'm sad marina is moving to Richmond, hopefully she does well there! After getting zapped I started on my next adventure of hanging out with Ryan. I took the train there and after a long rainy trip we were reunited! We watched funny cop shows and got snacks. Like the wimp I am I fell asleep pretty early. The next morning we got bagels ( I'm seeing a trend here ) everybody loves bagels there.

My salt bagel!

The bus I was taking to the train station was super late, which made me miss the train I was supposed to take. I missed it like I was in a movie. I ran until I pretty much died and it drove away when I got to it. I think I was still recovering from my asthma attack by the time the next train got there like 30 min later.
Well I made it to NYC again and I started my walk to the Fred perry sample sale. Dave was there too so I was even more excited.
I didn't fit into a dress I wanted so I was bummed out, but they had a dress I wanted from the website so I was really happy about that! Dave bought the prettiest stuff for Caitlin ( of course) ! Then Dave drove me home which was the nicest!

Tuesday me and mike went to the British beer company! I couldn't bowl because I was sore from getting tattooed.

It's dark in there so the picture is a little hard to see. I got the kids sized steak tips and it came with fried green beans and cheesy mashed potatoes. Mike got a fancy thanksgiving sandwich. After that we got cupcakes at treat!

This week moved by slow. I'm glad it's finally the weekend!
Here are some suncups I got

my friend aimee just started a blog! i love when my friends have blogs


  1. I didn't know sun cups existed! I hope they were yummy

  2. they are pretty good for what they are! a little expensive though

  3. That salt bagel looks and sounds amazing! I've never been to the Northeast before, my boyfriend and I are making a trip up through Boston, DC, and New York this June and I am beyond excited. I don't know if it's funny or strange, but one of my favorite things about vacations is all the new food to try!
    I'd never heard of a Sun Cup before either - interesting!

    Sounds like a fun little trip!

  4. it was a nice break. i forgot that i was only a few hours from home, because i was in the away from home mode.
    when you guys come to boston i can take you candlepin bowling!

  5. yay new tattoo!!! you have to remind me what you got! you are gonna show pictures right after it heals?!?! congrats!