Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green nails

I'm at work right now looking at the barftastic color my nails are, I love it! I've been sitting and listening to the 80s alternative channel on aol radio. Here are some pictures from the last few days.

On Monday I made a pizza for dinner. It was turkey pepperoni and artichokes. Now I'm no chef at all, I bought the crust in a pack of three at the store and the sauce is from a jar. Even though I'm not a culinary wiz it still tasted good and I was happy with it.

It was so good I might make another pizza tonight!


Came along. This is my desktop calendar I have at work.
Tuesday I went bowling with Garvey and Eric even though I have a sprained finger.

I had these mini pickles at work too!

I also passed a house last night that still had their Christmas lights up and they were on.

Excuse my shocked driving by picture.
I still bowled okay with my finger and I marked a couple times.
I wanted ice cream so bad, but when we flipped a coin in the car it decided for us not to. I was really tired anyway and I need to not spend money :(

Here are my green nails

I suppose I'll show you the s'mores poptart I ate this morning.

Maybe I'll do some laundry tonight?


  1. i am starving and need to eat! that pizza is amazing right now!

    i really enjoy your green nails ALOT! i need to paint my nails! i get so bored with nude nails!


  2. i wish i could ship you one! and ive been painting my nails a lot lately, slightly addicted!

  3. Those ares the most adorable pickles I have ever seen! Love your polish! After 22 years of not caring at all about anything manicure-related I have been on a serious nail polish kick lately :)

  4. Pea green is very ~in this season, I'm reading. So chic, Lynn.

  5. ya just within the past few months ive been very nail polish crazy! julia, i strive to be chic