Monday, January 31, 2011


Owner- Bryan
I'm in Chicago.

Tell me about the shirt!:
I had his shirt made a couple days after Mental broke edge(Greg) and wore it to the show they played in Chicago.

why is it important to you?:
It was the last time Mental played Chicago and broke up a bit after that. It's a reminder of actually caring about being edge, but then like Mental also broke haha!

where did you get it?:
I bought the t-shirt at Target and a nice street worker on Milwaukee Ave airbrushed it up.

any story you want to share about it?:
While at the show I was confronted about the shirt by various members of the band asking if I thought it was funny. I didn't realize it was such a sore subject at the time! The shirt also has a nice tear on the shoulder from a kid being bummed out about the shirt and trying to rip it off me.


sunday adventure

yesterday i spent the day with one of my best friends caitlin!
our plan was to go to brooklyn to get tattooed at 9. well things didnt work out exactly as planned and caitlins car broke down, thank god she was in her own town and close to her house. i rescued her in salem and we were off. we somehow make it to NY in like 3 hours from salem.
we got these yummy sandwiches from a deli a few buildings over from the shop and caitlin got an exciting vegan sub and i got a turkey/ veggie bacon sub.
we got tattooed by marina inoue at flyrite in brooklyn . shes so awesome and everyone should get tattooed by her if they have the chance.

i got this little guy to fill in some space on the inside of my arm. im hoping to get my arm finished in the next couple months.
marina drew it up and tattooed me within 45 minutes. so awesome!
then caitlin got an owl on her arm and its so pretty. check out her blog to see the outline of it!
we made it home in decent time and i was home around 11ish which was good.

now we are going to get another 1-2 feet of snow. FFFFF

Thursday, January 27, 2011


well right now im snowed in and waiting for some kind of rescue so i can go to work.
i was crocheting most of my night and watched NCIS. im slightly addicted now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

200... i hate even numbers!

i cant believe this is my 200th post.
this weekend was odd, it was a mixture of being sad and trying to do fun food things to take my mind off life. something in my life is falling apart and it bums me out so much. i almost feel like i should be using my livejournal to whine about it.

friday night i stayed in and watched tv all night. i grabbed a pizza from town spa out of laziness because its 2 streets over from me. its gotten so expensive, but it was just there.

feta, black olives, and mushrooms MMMM.

saturday i laid in bed until so late!! then me mike and garvey went to chick fila (we saw gil and sam there!) and then the melting pot. i love chocolate fondue. we went back to garveys and watched golden girls and plopped on the couch.

today i laid in bed too late too. then me jana mary and garvey got reginas. it was good, the football game was on and people were loud behind us. now im back in bed watching SVU.

Friday, January 21, 2011

happy pigs, happy lynn

blueberry eggos with m&m's inside!

me and mike went to go see a variety show in newton. my teacher aurel sang and danced a little. there was also a drug rug vest, at least i know there was more than one witness to this.
i got lamb MMM

my little brother tried to help and took a picture of my outfit

sweater- old navy
shirt- fred perry
jeans- levis
boots- aldo

i love the big button on the shirt!

smiley out of little piggies

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


name/location: Jad Ryan - Australia

why is it important to you?: Orchid are without a doubt are my all time favourite band, 'Chaos Is Me' is also my favourite album. It is important to me because ever since i started getting into the band I really wanted something to show that I was a fan. When I started looking for merch I was pretty bummed that there were so many bootlegs out there and very few official shirts available. Screamo bands are a bit like that they usually have only 1 or 2 shirt designs that are usually pretty hard to find. By the time I had started looking, all their merch designs were long out of print as the band had called it quits years ago. Ebay was the only place their merch could be bought. The guy that sold me this told me he bought this from the singer at one of their shows circa 2000, wish I could've been there, would have given anything to see them live.

where did you get it?: got it from Ebay a few years ago, had been looking for a shirt for ages so was really stoked when one finally came up for auction.

any story you want to share about it?: The band's label put out an official reprint of this design in around 2006 to combat the high ebay prices and large number of bootlegs beign sold.

If you've never heard the band, give em a listen

if you want to be in a tshirt feature email me!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

killing yourself to live

i hate being in horrible joint pain. i hope someday soon they can figure out whats wrong with my joints and ill wake up one day not in pain.

tshirt- the rival mob- hardcore for hardcore
sweater- fred perry
jeans- levis

i made myself pasta tonight which is a big deal, i cant cook.

wouldnt have been awesome to see black sabbath when ozzy was perfect?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

zebra yarn blues

hi everyone!
Rocking a crown of thornz train yard blues shirt on a lazy weekend.

everyone that likes tshirts check out tee till death!


well this weekend me and garvey went to caitlins! we crocheted and played buck hunter on wii. ive never played wii before, but i figured buckhunter is the only game that would be my first. we watched some tv and chatted for hours.

next day we ran errands and went to chick fila!
i got another lava lamp at target, but it has fishies in it!! best thing and it was so cheap on sale.

then me, garvey, julia, and mike went bowling in natick and went to see suburban scum in framingham.
i stayed up too late yesterday and drank too much soda

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sweet teeth... think i care?

i baked these last night!

chocolate covered animal crackers!

think i care shirt

Monday, January 10, 2011

sunshine award

my friend caitlin at forth st payphone awarded me with this a long time ago and i didnt really know enough blogs yet to give them out. now im finally getting around to it!!!

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everyone check out caitlins blog!


owner- tim
hes in columbus

tell me about the shirt!:
It's Haymaker's Side By Side rip off. The original art was in the insert of the Love The Music, Hate The Kids 7".I've always loved the Side By Side rip off. This one even more so because of the inclusion of weapons into the classic silhouettes. Add in the words "First Jesus... Then You" and a classic circular logo and you've got a great shirt.

why is it important to you?:
Haymaker is the only band I still actively collect things from (or at least attempt to). I remember I used to see this shirt on How's Your Edge and I never thought I'd get it. I just lucked out one day and it was awesome when I got it in the mail. I actually had it and I felt accomplished. A total nerd fanboy but still accomplished.

where did you get it?:
I lucked out two years ago or so when I posted about collecting Haymaker stuff on the Cleveland HC messageboard. Some dude on there said he had the shirt and to make him an offer.

any story you want to share about it?:
There's no story attached to the shirt so I'll use this as my own classified ad. If anyone has the baseball shirt version of this design let me know. Same goes for a test press of the LP or the Bullet cover of the Live on CIUT 7"


do do do

and.... i forgot to mention that i made it over 10,000 views! how exciting

golfing attacks!

me and nick went to this AWESOME mini golf place. it was glow in the dark and it was all aliens and cool stuff.
this is just a couple pictures

so ive been burdened with almost 700$ in medical bills. im hoping im still able to fly to united blood.

also... best candy bar!

im finally starting the process of selling stuff.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


ncis and cold medicine will have me tonight.

plus side though... i have an interview on friday!

Monday, January 3, 2011

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hi everyone! im having fun with all the shirt features people are sending me, but this time i figured id do one myself! i have so many shirts and i think im gonna sneak some of my own shirts in every once in a while.

tell me about the shirt!:
its an original raw deal shirt! ( i know ive used this picture way too many times)

why is it important to you?:
well... i searched high and low for one of these and i finally got one! killing time is probably my favorite band and i was so excited to have a raw deal shirt.

where did you get it?:
after begging people on forums and hows your edge someone finally sold one to me!

any story you want to share about it?:
well the moment this came in the mail i jumped up and down in circles and my mom says, "so this is how to make you happy!"

please keep reading my blog!!! leave a comment and follow me :)