Sunday, April 17, 2011

record store day (saturday)

well saturday morning i woke up early enough that i could go try to buy records. i asked my mom to tag along too.
at the first place i went to i successfully picked up most of the records that i was looking for:
(7 inches)
the cars -sad song/blue tip
ac/dc- shoot to thrill/war machine live
the doors- riders on the storm
i also picked up the rev reissues of burn & quicksand

those were the only RSD things i got, i got some LPs that were just on sale.

then me and my mom went to the british beer company in walpole for lunch and it was so yummy i could eat there all the time!

we both got "kids portions" of the meals we got which i love that you can do that.
i got mac and cheese with shrimp (which only cost a dollar to add something in) and green beans on the side. my mom got steak tips which came with mashed potatoes and fried green beans. they were both so good. im not a huge steak person unless its really good, and my moms was so good im going to get that next time i go.

then i headed home and stared at my records for a bit and this poster

i also gave myself a purple nail

then i headed out to get garvey and go to a show. before the show we went to the mall so he could get his phone replaced so i got some chocolate at godiva for free! then we got some chick fila to hold us over until eating after the show.
i was very unhappy during the show so we will skip that part of the night.
then me , julia, garvey, and eric went to felipes after... after people come and gone and hanging out i think i was there for like 3 hours. then i dropped garvey off and went home


  1. going to the record store is always the best! i love leaving with some great vinyl and then going home to discover that there is a poster still inside! the best ever!


  2. i dont like to buy records a lot because it can get out of hand, but at least on RSD there are sales!