Sunday, May 22, 2011

best chocolate ive had

wednesday after work i headed to the back bay to do a focus group. i had some extra time on my hands so i walked around and poked into a few stores, i got a couple new hats at h&m. im really dislike hats, but i dislike alopecia more.
well i finally got to go to hotel chocolat!
ive walked by it at night and ive always been curious!

I walked in and i was taken back how bright and clean it was. the people that worked there were so nice and offered samples. i could only have the plain milk chocolate because of my allergies, but it was really good. after walking around i decided on the caramel cheesecake chocolates, the girl checking me out told me it was one of her favorites.

for 6 BIG pieces it was only 7.50! for someone that buys chocolate all the time (probably too much :P ) it was an awesome price!
well at this point i was so giddy i shuffled quickly back to my car so i could try a piece of it. i bit into it and i was just taken back by how runny and sweet the caramel was and how perfectly tart the cheesecake part was. PERFECT!

i could eat them everyday all day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hot dog safari

Saturday morning me and Garvey went to the hot dog safari at Suffolk downs.
Here are a few pictures I took, I was too busy eating to remember to take a lot!

Here's a list of what I ate:
2 1/2 hot dogs
3 chicken pot pie samples
1 clam chowder (mainly for those little oyster crackers)
1 meatball sub
1 pulled beef sample
2 ice creams
3 sea salt chocolates
1 cotton candy
Some penny candy
Some lemonade samples

After that we decided we should probably bowl or do something that would burn some calories.
First we went to buffalo exchange so I could try to sell some clothes and be judged. It went okay and I got rid of 15 or so things.
Next we got garveys shoes and decided to bowl. Dave and Caitlin joined us! Me and Garvey bowled well and caitlin and Dave bowled good too!!! It was a lot of fun! Then we went to the beer works for late night snacks and dinner.

Shepards pie pizza... Never again.

I will leave you with this catfish playing a banjo

Monday, May 16, 2011

old tshirts into yarn

this weekend i was hanging out with caitlin and she was telling me how she is going to make old tshirts into cotton yarn. i was instantly curious, because i have so many tshirts that i wont really be able to sell. i did some searching on google for instruction and found a couple of blogs/websites to let me know what to do.

i will update with pictures when i start doing it tonight

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

friday flowers

i actually took a picture of my outfit from friday, i didnt think i did. might as well share since i havent done much this week.
Im also attempting to clean some of my room and try to figure out some stuff to sell/throw away. it stressed me out so much that it makes me sick.

close up of the shirt

shirt-fred perry
skirt- zara
tights- h&m

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


im super excited for this feature! i get extra happy when my friends do features and stan is awesome. hes doing a feature on a hat, so this post has a twist.

Tell me about the shirt!
I will do you one better and tell you about a hat, not just any hat but a Fire & Ice hat. I was told it is made after a Prong hat that Boots has. It is pretty sweet. I'm not sure how many they made but boy am I glad I got my hands on one.

Why is it important to you?
A lot of bands make mesh hats and fitted hats but Fire & Ice took a step in a different direction with this bad boy. It fits great, has a cool logo and looks cool as hell. I like supporting my friends and supporting great core bands, this hat allows me to do both.

Where did you get it?
Fire & Ice made these for United Blood fest 2010. I was walking to get pizza and saw Dave Boots with the box, dropped $15 and walked away with a smile. I think they sold out kind of fast and not fetch a pretty penny on ebay. They made a blue one with a different print that I have been trying to score for a while now.

Any story you want to share about it?
Note the fact that there is no mesh and you get the nice string across the brim. My hope is that in 20 years kids speak of this hat the way that my fellow coreman David Jaycox and myself speak of the legendary Warzone hat.

check out stan's blog!

stan also does a zine called the atlanta youth report, if youre ever at a show or fest and see one... PICK IT UP!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend I actually went out and was barely home! Friday I made my way up to Salem to hang out with Caitlin and Dave. After a parking fiasco we headed to some stores and then chilis. For some reason i didn't take a picture that night. We all got black bean burgers, I was surprised how good it was. If I ever get another burger from there I'd get that. Then we watched wedding shows until Caitlin fell asleep. On my way home I drove by a white Monte Carlo ss in Salem, then on 95 in dedham he passed me! Must be love.

Saturday me and erick went to the science museum to see cosmic collisions at the planetarium.

Since I was a good person I put my phone away and zipped my lip when it started. Of course the loudest people were behind us. I had to shh them multiple times.
After that we headed to cabots to eat lunch/dinner.

I got chicken soup and chili cheese fries. Erick got a grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Then ice cream!

I got a small sundae with coffee Oreo ice cream, caramel, marshmallow, and rainbow sprinkles. Erick got a brownie sundae and it was huge!

Then we headed to Boston bowl and we bowled 4 games! I thought my arm was going to fall off, there was also little human pests here too! Little kids running around us and in front of us while we were bowling. Some parents just don't care.

After that we went to monster golf in Norwood.

This little nugget jumped on me

Joanna i miss you!

Yesterday was also very eventful.
The day started at toro and I drank too much water. Jimmys friend talked a lot.
Then we walked over to actually I forget the name of the place now. The food didn't really look good to us so I had more water. Laura and Lauren went out to eat and me and Jimmy headed to fake reginas in Allston. It was a good choice and we split an olive pizza. There was a creepy painting of an old couple watching us. Then we headed to Somerville.
Me and Jimmy put wbcn stickers on Eachothers cars. Mines an
Allman brothers one! Mary joined our adventure and then we grabbed some food at a bar. We hung out there for a while. I think
Me and Jimmy listened to the cars "let's go" 5 times haha.
How ugly is this?

My brother took this!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

This week (mostly in pictures)

Last weekend me, Stef, Garvey, and mike went to saus near fanueil hall. They have Belgian waffles and fries.

Fries, a waffle with salted caramel sauce, and root beer.

We decided to walk around because it was nice out.

Me behind the aquarium

A man walking around in public in some kind of a robe

Garvey and Stef got ice cream

Monday night me and Garvey went to the new buffalo wild wings that opened up next to the Saugus mall.

I won at trivia ( Garvey told me all the answers though )

I saw this rainbow before my game yesterday.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Name/Location: Jerome from da Pacific Northwest

Tell me about the shirt: It's beautiful, really. Far and away my favorite design by the long-lived Type-O Negative. Not super tacky, simple design, and it works really well. I was a really big Carnivore fan for a while before I got into Type-O, and I was really hesitant when I started listening to Type-O, because there's just so much material to take in. But i fell in love with the band and began my hunt for the perfect piece of merchandise.

Why is it important to you?: Few reasons. It's an XL but fits like the perfect large. nice and long, not really wide. It's probably my most worn shirts, because of how awesome it fits. The phrase on the back, 'Above All Things Be A Man', is probably the realest thing ever. Todd's Ship Gods and The Dream is Dead are both great songs to rep, as well.

Where did you get it?: I snagged this on ebay from some euro [i'm like 90% sure these shirts were sold on a euro tour, as well as a longsleeve version, cca 1997] for decently cheap. like $13 plus shipping, if i recall.

Any story you want to share about it?: xtimx can suck it.

Post your blog/band site/whatever: but I seldomly add people I don't know, so listen to this band instead