Friday, May 17, 2013

Time flies, but not really.

Well I can't honestly think of the last time I blogged on here, but there are many reasons for that. I was never personally a huge computer person and I can't even think of the last time I was on my laptop (probably to apply for a job I will never get). I have actually done a few blog posts on my phone for my candlepin blog, but this one has been neglected. I always liked displaying shirts on here, but since Instagram is SO EASY I usually just post shirts on there. My softball season is in full swing now and I'm playing for two teams (Quincy and Hingham), with both teams I've been having multiple games a week so I've been pretty dead. This week I had games Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. My legs have been pretty dead to say the least. Also in the middle of all this I've been trying to eat better and also hit the pool at the gym when I have an off day. My fibro has been a huge factor in all this, but I'm trying to push it aside and still get done what I have to do. With attempted gyming and softball during my weekdays I still want and like to bowl on the weekends. Then there is those things called friends and I barely get to see them too, oh why can't I just win the lottery and never work again and have fun ALL THE TIME. Its not for lack of trying though, I'm a sad Massachusetts loser who plays the lottery all the time. Next Friday I'm looking forward to getting tattooed by Caz Williamson again, hes going to be doing a 3 week long guest spot at Good Faith in Boston and I suggest everyone I know to go get something from him while he is here. I was lucky enough to grab something when he was here last time and I was so happy with the tattoo and the experience. His name on instagram is TattoosbyCaz if you want to check him out!