Thursday, April 21, 2011


well bowling consumed my past 3 days!

tuesday night i went bowling in woburn with garvey & marc. i bowled pretty well and i got to play the fast and the furious game twice while waiting for our lane. i guess it was crowded because of school vacation week. they put us on the side with the real bowlers and i think the lanes are better on that side anyway.
after that we went to sonic and the poor boy that worked there dropped marc's sundae.

yesterday me and pete went bowling. at first we were going to go to the boston bowl in hanover. we get to the alley and its a hoppin, there was leagues playing there and the alley was so tiny that the wait was over an hour. it looked really nice though so i hope to go back there sometime and actually get to bowl. i looked up the next closest alley and it was in kingston(alley kat lanes), my phone said it was only about 15 minutes away so we go there. there was also a league night going on here, but they had some lanes open. i really liked this alley! it was really clean and updated, but it was still pretty cheap and the pins had a ton of action. i got 2 strikes i think and a few spares. i got a 107 the first game so i was really excited. we played 3 games there.
starland went out of business and there was for sale signs in front of it :( i was so bummed out the 4 times i went past it last night. i almost wanted to sneak in and walk around for the last time. i went there a ton when i was little and it bummed me out so much to see it look so broken down and sad. i also got some sunbutter on sale at target. the night was a success!

tonight after work i hung out with dave. we went bowling at boston bowl and i was kind of off my game, because i didnt use my balls and my arm was like a limp noodle. boston bowl is always a melting pot of people. tonight we were in the middle of league bowlers and alternateens. on our way out we took pictures in the photobooth!
i decided that photobooths are so hard to use:
A) the machine rejects my dollar bills
B) its hard to realize you need to look at the little camera
C) how to people fit in those little booths

after that we went to annas and ate burritos and chatted.

how im home in bed. here are some pictures


  1. wow you bowled it up lady! bowling is such an awesome sport! i think it would be fun to join a league :)


  2. it kind of just happened! id like to join a leaguee someday, but its kind of expensive. at least i have my own balls and shoes, its a start.