Sunday, June 26, 2011

last weekend in june.

well i can tell the summer is going to go by really fast, its already almost july. at least i have the 4th of july off and ill be heading to foxwoods to play blackjack. im sure since im looking forward to next monday this week will creep by at an alarmingly slow rate.
Friday after work i headed into boston to go to the jeff the brotherhood/fucked up show. i was excited to see perry! i also got to hang out with zac which was nice, i dont get to see him a lot.
i stopped by hotel chocolat before the show..MMMMMMMM.

i got salted caramel chocolates & a lemon cheesecake slab. it was so yummy and their white chocolate actually has a lot of cocoa in it. i usually hate white chocolate, but this was lemon flavored so it was edible.
i didnt stay out too late so that was good.

saturday i was up kind of early and went to the mall with my mom

a picture of me! im still alive!
i was lazy around the house all day until i went out to eat with erick that night. we went to the friendly toast and i got veggie sausage and home fries. it started to rain when we left, ICK. im so sick of it being crappy out here, my softball game got rained out on friday.

today me and dan went to the british beer company in framingham. i got the kids size steak tips, i swear next time im going to try something different. we also ate cupcakes and walked around shoppers world.

i got the funniest book ever at barnes & noble.
it was called cake wrecks! heres the blog for the book
it has a bunch of messed up cakes people have ordered. so many misspellings and horrible frosting art. i honestly laughed until my stomach worked

i also got a call tonight from becky. she said how her and mike are getting married and im so happy/excited! im glad so many good things are happening for people lately

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's almost Friday!

Well I'm still alive.
My softball team has been doing good and we are finally doing better at 5-4.
Saturday morning me and Garvey went to the opening of the new buffalo wild wings in danvers. We got there around 6 and I didn't sleep.

I was totally in the 20s or 30s, but so many people cut line!

All that matters is that we were in the first 100.
We walked around a bit after and headed back to garveys for weird on and off naps and freeze pops

My three favorite flavors together! What luck!
Then we headed off for 80s night at Boston bowl.
2 dollar strings and 80 cent food/sodas! Yes please!

I took a secret action shot.

Then we stopped at mikes for a bit, but I needed sleep.

Sunday me and my mom got cupcakes at treat

Orange frosting mmmm!

The next day I got another cupcake at ivys.
My sweet teeth

They jipped me though with no cream in the middle.

Tuesday me and erick went bowling at olindys in Quincy. We bowled okay, the pins didn't have a lot of action.

Slush puppies!

We got dinner at la Paloma

And dessert at the dairy freeze

Mine was really good! I love orange flavor. Rainbow sprinkles are a must for any ice cream.
After the ice cream I was super sleepy though. Long night!

Yesterday after work I made a bracelet for heather, but I dropped it outside :( I headed out to Worcester and ate at Shiraz with heather. I got lehmejune and lamb kabob with Armenian pilaf. MMMMMM it was so good.

I only ate half so I could save the rest for lunch :D
After gossiping and eating we headed next door. We had to watch not funny comedians. Ugh it was so boring and miserable. Then our friend dan played acoustic guitar. He covered the cars!
I stayed out way past my bedtime and I'm so sleepy at work right now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This weekend was pretty good.
Friday night we lost our softball game so I won't touch base on that.

Saturday I was pretty lazy and did nothing until I hung out with mark. We got cupcakes at treat in needham

I got the tiger cupcake which was orange & chocolate cake swirled with buttercream and jimmies.
It was so good!!!

Mark got a red velvet one. Treat makes my favorite red velvet.

We went bowling In Norwood. I bowled okay, at least I got a 108 my second game.

Exciting action shot

Marks big shoes

I liked the alley a lot! I've never been there before and it was pretty cheap and awesome.

The next day we got salt bagels at cafe & fresh bagel. They were so good and we got the last two.

Later that day I went to a belly dancing show in Cranston, RI.

It was an awesome show!

A print a got! Elisabeth Clark had a table set up!

Then I went home

Friday, June 10, 2011


Name/Location: My name is Robert/Rob/Warfish. I'm from a place called Long Island, New York.

Tell me about the shirt: This is the Earth Crisis "To the X I'm Crucified" shirt. It is my favorite Earth Crisis design, let alone one of my favorite shirt designs ever.

Why is it important to you?: It's important to me because Earth Crisis advocates two things that are very important to me. The Straight Edge and veganism. The shirt kind of expresses that I intend to hold on to both of those things for the rest of my life.

Where did you get it?: I was browsing someone's HowsYourEdge (I forgot their name) page and I saw that they had it listed, so on my 18th birthday, I emailed them and asked them if they would part with it, and they did. I was very happy.

Any story you want to share about it? There isn't really any story to tell about it, yet.

Post your blog/band site/whatever: Be on the lookout for a zine I'm making called TRUE BLUE FANZINE. So far, it features interviews with: Shai Hulud, Free Spirit, Soul Search, Incendiary, Twitching Tongues, and more, as well as tons of photos/drawings.


I'm not sure if this is an iPhone thing only, but it's pretty cool! I like changing how some pictures look and checking out other people's photos (which always seem to be way cooler than mine haha).
If you have it, add me and I'll add you back!

Here are some pictures on mine

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chocolate making

Last night I went on an adventure to find frames. I totally failed and bought candy making supplies. I finally decided to try making my own version of suncups.

For the recipe I used this one as a guide

Pretty much all you need is
2 cups confectionary sugar
1 1/2 cups of sunbutter

I ended up just needing to use my hands. The spoon didn't work.

It was just like the middle of a Reese.

Then I melted the chocolate in the microwave.

Then I did the first layer of chocolate, popped them in the freezer. Put some of the filling in, covered it in chocolate, then back into the freezer.

Thank god for the pretzel box

Then I popped them out of the mold!

My mom sampled the first one

They were awesome!

The end!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Back from vacation

Well I haven't posted in a while so I'll forget about the stuff before going away.
Saturday morning I flew out to Vegas, but didn't get there until 4pm (west coast time) I was all messed up!
Here are some pictures!

That was the view from our window.

That night we were seeing the cocksparrer club show so I was super excited.

We went to m&m world and the pinball hall of fame.

I took so many more pictures, but I'll limit myself.
We ate at the diner at the hotel before heading downtown to gamble/ hangout/ show.

My art

Deep fried baked potatoes.....

Downtown was pretty cool and has this big light screen over it. They played the doors!

There was also an 80s cover band performance thing in the middle of the street.

Cocksparrer was awesome and seeing them in a small venue was pretty crazy. I think me and Joe were smushed together half of the set at least.

Then it ended at like 2 or 3 am so I was loopy.

The next day was kind of unreal because I was seeing cocksparrer again!! We drank sodas and laid out by the pool for a little. Then We gambled a bit and ate downtown.
Cocksparrer this time was almost like a warped tour type thing with the stage. They were still good, but didn't play enough!!!

Tuesday was my last day and I was alone until my plane left at 830. I played blackjack from 1030 to 530. Oof haha

Then I headed off . I wish I was still there :(