Sunday, September 26, 2010

long week

Ive pretty much been a hermit most of the week. i decided it wasnt really worth updating most of the time, but i saw my last real update was a like a week ago so i got nervous and had to!
thursday night me and my mom met up at legacy place. i picked up a key necklace and a rose ring.

this... turned into

shirt- i dont remember where. target maybe?
vest- thrift
shoes- juicy couture
bag- fred perry
necklace- gift!
i got to have some JP licks and i tried a noodle bowl thingy from whole foods. it was salty, so i approve.

friday night it was decided that chick-fil-a needed to happen, so that means a trek to either the burlington mall or north shore mall was happening. The boy that worked at chick-fil-a was the cutest little thing and me and stef just wanted to steal him.

i got 2 sandwiches, a lemon pie slice, and a dr. pepper
after that we went to mikes to bring him chick-fil-a and we hung out there until i was too tired to be awake.

yesterday the trouble was playing two shows in the same day, which i thought was a great idea.... that soon changed. i was really excited though because i got to see all my favorite people! spikes was ate at some point and so was felipes. i was sooo tired throughout the day that i fell asleep at one point and jesse woke me up!

my friend caitlin from florida was visiting for a couple hours so i had to see her! shes in the middle. other caitlin is on the right, but i talk about her all the time haha. it was so nice to see her, i wish she was around for a couple days. i also met kira, and she was very nice.
this was the only picture of my outfit from yesterday so this will just have to do.
dress- target
necklace- claires
bag- fred perry
shoes- juicy couture

its now sunday and im laying in bed after some wacky dreams. hopefully i see caitlin today!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


so i havent really updated this week and ive been really busy cleaning my room. i seriously has the messiest room and you can finally see the floor and i did about 20 loads of laundry the past week and im pretty proud of myself.
i promise ill be better after today

hello floor, ive missed you


Sunday, September 19, 2010

casino into overtired

friday night we went to the casino for mikes birthday!

shirt- harley davidson shirt from the 80s
sweatshirt- gap
bag- le sportsac
pants- levis
necklace- nordstrom

we walked around a lot! we ate at a crappy buffet and saw a ton of gross people. someone was even sleeping against the wall. we ended up staying super late, but i was up 15$. i didnt put 50 on red though... mike and garvey did though so at least someone did.
we stayed at mikes after driving home and woke up and went to go watch the arsenal game. it was a tie and it was stressful to watch.
after we went to go meet up with caitlin to go play mini golf

i think this was the best way to describe me yesterday. i was exhausted and was about to pass out at any moment.
we ate, went to ritas, watched matilda and eventually went home.

im still tired

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

laundry day

Today at work I decided I was going to just try to stay in and do some much needed laundry. I basically live on a pile of laundry and decided i need to clear a better path for me to walk on.
As I was digging out stuff I took out my NEW lava lamp, I set it up next to my old dead one. Its not as good :(
My mom picked me up after her work out and we went to the new five guys in canton. I got a little hamburger with mushrooms and extra A-1. MMMMMMM

shirt- pink floyd
jacket- fred perry
jeans- levis

I'm now laying around again with my second load of laundry in the wash and the first in the dryer. I want to do at least 3 or 4 loads tonight.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

modcloth sale/ice cream fun

last night was stressful, but in the end i got ice cream so it makes it okay.

dress- modcloth
tights- h&m
jacket- fred perry
necklace- nordstrom
watch- swatch
shoes(not pictured)- juicy couture kids

it was pretty chilly last night and you can tell the weather isnt going to be heat wave hot anymore. hello september.

i also got these other 2 dresses when modcloth was having a sale last week

caitlin also got this dress! great minds

tonight im going to eat at a bbq place called soulfire. right now im wrapped up in my pink floyd blanket in bed and i dont want to get up!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i have a back porch

dress- forever 21
vest- thift store
leggings- filenes basement
watch- swatch

i had a lot of fun this weekend and i got a lot of random stuff!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

harley davidson

so ive been trying to find the motivation to update the past couple of days. ive just been to blah to do it though

shirt- harley davidson 1991
shorts- levis

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Smiths - Ask


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

boston tattoo convention

so i will start this where i left off... saturday.

saturday i probably woke up around 12, but i stayed in bed until 8. me and mike went to go see machete
it was SOOOO funny and im glad we went. there were so many beautiful cars in the movie too mmmmmmm. we saw a 1030 showing so after i dropped him off i headed right home.

sunday i woke up a little earlier because i was going to the boston tattoo convention.


it was honestly the best tattoo experience ive had! everyone should go get tattooed by her!

afterwards spikes then jp licks. CARAMEL APPLE ICE CREAM MMMMMMMMMMMM.
me, garvey, and mike went bowling in cambridge after ice cream and then went back to mikes so i could watch madmen. his tv is so big and fancy
after madmen & more tv we went to kellys ( i was half asleep i think)

then after driving everyone home i finally was in bed.

i slept really late. i stayed out too late this weekend
i decided that someone should BBQ for me.
garvey put on the grill...

i also brought pineapple rings to grill since i can have pineapple cooked

i soon went home and then i couldnt fall asleep last night. it sucked.
i found a carnivore pin on my floor

this is me today. work stinxxxxxxx.

bruisers shirt i got from becky!
tonight when i get home from trivia im actually going to make a real post

Saturday, September 4, 2010

mommy and me

well ill start off yesterday AFTER work, because WORK STINKS.
ill start off with my outfit, i asked my mom to shows her too since she was so proud of the deals she got at marshalls!

shirt- fred perry
shorts- true religion cut offs
shirt- seven for all mankind
jeans- levis

after that we went to ikea(my mom works there) we were looking for something to control some of my clutter, but no luck. so after that we moved onto the christmas tree shop(unsure if they are everywhere, but they rule!)
i got crab chips, because they are the best!

we also got caramel tootsie roll pops.
after sitting home for a while, i went to go meet up with garvey. after driving around for a while we went to janas new apartment. we hung out there for a couple hours then decided we needed food. we went to wing it.

i got teriyaki and garvey got jamaican jerk and plain. they gave us so much nasty celery (at least im allergic and have a good excuse to hate it!)
me and garvey also had a root beer war.

his a&w vs. my mug
as long as it wasnt barqs or whatever... barf.
after that it was late and i drove him home. i was starting to get really tired then, BUT THEN... a block of black sabbath, ac/dc, and george thorogood came on the radio and kept me awake until i got home!!!
then i had a bunch of stupid nightmares, now im awake waiting for plans to fall on my lap

Thursday, September 2, 2010

mall adventure

tuesday night me and garvey went bowling and i did really well and bowled a 106.
yesterday i did laundry and threw away a little bit of stuff

today i decided i wanted to go to the mall so i asked my mom to go with me.
i got a bb dakota skirt for 19.99
i got these cute shoes at nordstrom for 25.99 on sale!
nordstrom is the best because they carry womans shoe sizes UNDER 6!!!

i love them!

i also went to godiva.
tried the new red velvet truffle... i give it a 7/10. there was no cream cheese flavor in it and i feel like it really needed it.

im so glad they brought back the caramel apple truffle. it was wonderful per usual. i cant wait until the end of the season so i can buy a whole bag of them for 9.99

i also got a tube of these key lime truffle gems... ONLY FOR 6.99!!! godivas key lime truffle is one of my favorites

im in bed and im too lazy to do more laundry. oh well