Monday, November 24, 2014


In the past year or so Funko toys have kind of taken over everything. They are now even in target! I love the pop toys and the Disney mystery box ones, I have a few and I'm sure they will add up to the amount of my vinylmations someday. They are a lot fo fun and pretty cheap so I scoop up some when i go out to the mall. I really want to find the Baymax pop toys soon! I havent seen them yet in stores

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well looking a few posts ago its crazy to think that I was 75 days out from my Disney trip and that it has now already passed and I'm 28 days away from my next one. I can't wait to check out the Christmas party since I really like the Halloween one. I've read so many reviews online about good and bad experiences and if its worth the money. Since I have an AP I figure its worth it with the discount and it will be fun. Last trip I really wanted to do things I haven't done like the pick a pearl and I'm excited to try the party this time. I can't think of really much more I need to try for the next trip, but once I get to the month away mark I'll be overthinking like crazy and probably planning some fast passes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The world

Well they are finally bringing back crispy m&ms, there is finally something going right in this world. I'm really hoping they version here will be peanut, tree nut and coconut free. I would like to eat 3843458 of these and don't want stupid things like food allergies getting in the way.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Very excited to come home today and to see my new vitality voxbox on the steps. 

Quickly scanning over everything and I can't wait to open the softlips cube! Also excited that I have coupons to check out other ones.

Excuse me while I pop this tea in the fridge. The only teas I give a chance to are iced ones so hopefully im into this one.

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saving for Disney and free gift cards

So for the past few months I have been saving for my next WDW trip (75 days left!) and trying all of the tricks to earn free gift cards for the trip. WDW is not cheap, but I have been doing a good job at saving!

1) saving all cans/ bottles. I don't really drink soda and I don't drink alcohol, but my softball team has let me take all of their beer cans and bottles after games. In one month of doing this I have already got $26! That's a $25 gift card to disney! I have a couple more months to save cans.

2) shopkick app . This method has been kind of slow, but it has still yielded free gift cards. You might be able to utilize it better than me and rack up many more.
I have got $75 dollars so far in giftcards. I decide to use my points / "kicks" on target giftcards, which then I buy disney gift cards. This seems to be a very popular thing to do from my internet searches and my local target telling me how a lady does it very often. 

This is my referral code if you want to check it out and help me get points!

It's available for apple & android. You go into stores and you will get "kicks" and you can scan items and make a purchase to gain more. Kicks are points and you trade them in for giftcards.

3) swagbucks 
This by far has been my most successful route yet! 
This is also easier because you can do this via the computer, but they also have apps.

This is my referral code for swagbucks. Help me get points and you earn points! You watch videos, play games, take surveys, polls, you can also make purchases through them for places you usually shop at. 
Like shopkick I redeem my points for target gift cards and then purchase disney giftcards with the target cards I got from my rewards. 

4) saving ALL of my change.
I have multiple piggy banks and jars where I save all my change and random dollars. I have over $100 in change so far and I still have a couple months left to save.

5) asking for gift cards as gifts. 
If you have a birthday coming up or any reason someone would give you a gift. Ask for disney gift cards! It might save you from something you don't want and it will help with your trip. 

This isn't revolutionary, lots of people are doing the same thing, but I figured I would share my positive experiences with it!

Make WDW or DL trips more affordable and fun with these ways to get gift cards!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pez factory visitor center

This place was so awesome and I could have taken a million more pictures. It's only $5 admission, but you get a $2 credit on your receipt. Most normal pez are $1.99 so you pretty much get it for free. You get to keep the lanyard also they give you. There was a scavenger hunt also for a free prize in there. I WANT IT ALL! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

a few friends and I are trying to win a trip to disney Please just vote on the picture of the two tinkerbells and Jessie, you can vote once a day.