Saturday, April 30, 2011

This week ( how bad am I? ) long catch up!

Well I was waiting for Ryan to send pictures of us to me for the blog! I will have to go on without him for now. Sunday morning me and Joanna got up/ ready and headed out. We got bagels and ate in the car. We headed to Brooklyn to get tattooed. I'm sad marina is moving to Richmond, hopefully she does well there! After getting zapped I started on my next adventure of hanging out with Ryan. I took the train there and after a long rainy trip we were reunited! We watched funny cop shows and got snacks. Like the wimp I am I fell asleep pretty early. The next morning we got bagels ( I'm seeing a trend here ) everybody loves bagels there.

My salt bagel!

The bus I was taking to the train station was super late, which made me miss the train I was supposed to take. I missed it like I was in a movie. I ran until I pretty much died and it drove away when I got to it. I think I was still recovering from my asthma attack by the time the next train got there like 30 min later.
Well I made it to NYC again and I started my walk to the Fred perry sample sale. Dave was there too so I was even more excited.
I didn't fit into a dress I wanted so I was bummed out, but they had a dress I wanted from the website so I was really happy about that! Dave bought the prettiest stuff for Caitlin ( of course) ! Then Dave drove me home which was the nicest!

Tuesday me and mike went to the British beer company! I couldn't bowl because I was sore from getting tattooed.

It's dark in there so the picture is a little hard to see. I got the kids sized steak tips and it came with fried green beans and cheesy mashed potatoes. Mike got a fancy thanksgiving sandwich. After that we got cupcakes at treat!

This week moved by slow. I'm glad it's finally the weekend!
Here are some suncups I got

my friend aimee just started a blog! i love when my friends have blogs

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Echo & The Bunnymen - Bring On The Dancing Horses

Weekend away day 1

Well I was up early to go to new York on Saturday. My dad picked me up to being me to the T and then I was heading to south station. There was a girl next to me on the red line eating corn on the Cobb. This might have been one of the oddest things ive seen someone eat on the train. My bus left kind of late so I was mad, then the worst human sat near me. Good thing I nodded off for most of the first half of the ride. I got 2 seats to myself!
Then I ran to the LIRR to catch the train to Joanna. Once her and Shane picked me up we went to smokin als for dinner. We got the fried pickles and they were pretty good. They were cut the long way which is the first time I've seen some like that.

They had a paper towel roll on the table! I always think every BBQ place should.

Then our food came! Me and Joanna both got brisket platters w/ Mac & cheese. It was one of the best Mac & cheeses I've had.

Shane got a burger. It had so many gross onions on it that I was getting nervous.

There was pig pictures around the whole place. This one was my favorite. Chippendale piggies in the girls bathroom!!

After we ate we headed to monster golf. I've posted pictures from the one here so I won't post too many.
They had pigs!

Then I got a high score on a gun game!

After monster golf we went to phatsos to eat fried yummies!

Joanna got fried Oreos and me and Shane split the fried s'mores & ring dings. The ring dings were my favorite! The guy who ran the place was super nice too!

New york has puppy scratch tickets

Then we went to sleep!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


well bowling consumed my past 3 days!

tuesday night i went bowling in woburn with garvey & marc. i bowled pretty well and i got to play the fast and the furious game twice while waiting for our lane. i guess it was crowded because of school vacation week. they put us on the side with the real bowlers and i think the lanes are better on that side anyway.
after that we went to sonic and the poor boy that worked there dropped marc's sundae.

yesterday me and pete went bowling. at first we were going to go to the boston bowl in hanover. we get to the alley and its a hoppin, there was leagues playing there and the alley was so tiny that the wait was over an hour. it looked really nice though so i hope to go back there sometime and actually get to bowl. i looked up the next closest alley and it was in kingston(alley kat lanes), my phone said it was only about 15 minutes away so we go there. there was also a league night going on here, but they had some lanes open. i really liked this alley! it was really clean and updated, but it was still pretty cheap and the pins had a ton of action. i got 2 strikes i think and a few spares. i got a 107 the first game so i was really excited. we played 3 games there.
starland went out of business and there was for sale signs in front of it :( i was so bummed out the 4 times i went past it last night. i almost wanted to sneak in and walk around for the last time. i went there a ton when i was little and it bummed me out so much to see it look so broken down and sad. i also got some sunbutter on sale at target. the night was a success!

tonight after work i hung out with dave. we went bowling at boston bowl and i was kind of off my game, because i didnt use my balls and my arm was like a limp noodle. boston bowl is always a melting pot of people. tonight we were in the middle of league bowlers and alternateens. on our way out we took pictures in the photobooth!
i decided that photobooths are so hard to use:
A) the machine rejects my dollar bills
B) its hard to realize you need to look at the little camera
C) how to people fit in those little booths

after that we went to annas and ate burritos and chatted.

how im home in bed. here are some pictures

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my summer candlepin goal

well i decided that this summer me and garvey are going to go to every candlepin alley in massachusetts. I love going to new alleys and i figured this is the perfect thing to do. im not a huge fan of driving far to do things, so i figured we would do a part of the state a weekend and stay in weird hotels and try fun food too.
my bowling balls will get a work out this summer! im also im hoping i can improve my average too, im in the low 90s and id like to be in the mid to high 90s.
just thinking about the adventure and taking lots of pictures and reviewing all the alleys is so exciting to me.
the only sad part about it will be the gas prices this summer... in my town its almost at 4 dollars and im so scared to see it for when it actually is about 4 everywhere. hopefully we can find coupons or something for the alleys!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

song that brings you back

on my way home from bowling/garveys tonight i heard this song. i got such a weird feeling and all i could think of was driving with my dad and being in the front passenger seat. even being a little kid i knew all the words and i couldnt shake the image out of my head for the whole 7 minutes. it didnt help that i was also driving in the rain and tired.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Name/Location: Pete / Allston, MA

Tell me about the shirt: It's a bootleg Saccharine Trust t-shirt, made from the artwork featured on the "Paganicons" LP insert. It also features the band's logo from the jacket cover.

Why is it important to you?: Paganicons is my favorite SST release, and one of my favorite records of all-time. It's the shirt that I used to dream of existing, and then one day, someone made it and sold it for $13.

Where did you get it?: It was a "Buy it now" item on Ebay.

Any story you want to share about it? I've been exclusively wearing it over this shirt for the last three years:

Post your blog/band site/whatever:

and here's a candid photo w/ this shirt I wear twice a week:

everyone check out pete's blog!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

record store day (saturday)

well saturday morning i woke up early enough that i could go try to buy records. i asked my mom to tag along too.
at the first place i went to i successfully picked up most of the records that i was looking for:
(7 inches)
the cars -sad song/blue tip
ac/dc- shoot to thrill/war machine live
the doors- riders on the storm
i also picked up the rev reissues of burn & quicksand

those were the only RSD things i got, i got some LPs that were just on sale.

then me and my mom went to the british beer company in walpole for lunch and it was so yummy i could eat there all the time!

we both got "kids portions" of the meals we got which i love that you can do that.
i got mac and cheese with shrimp (which only cost a dollar to add something in) and green beans on the side. my mom got steak tips which came with mashed potatoes and fried green beans. they were both so good. im not a huge steak person unless its really good, and my moms was so good im going to get that next time i go.

then i headed home and stared at my records for a bit and this poster

i also gave myself a purple nail

then i headed out to get garvey and go to a show. before the show we went to the mall so he could get his phone replaced so i got some chocolate at godiva for free! then we got some chick fila to hold us over until eating after the show.
i was very unhappy during the show so we will skip that part of the night.
then me , julia, garvey, and eric went to felipes after... after people come and gone and hanging out i think i was there for like 3 hours. then i dropped garvey off and went home

Thursday/ Friday catch up

I've been kind of slacking on my updating. I'll post a better update or a tshirt feature tomorrow. My softball practice was cancelled so I'll be inside hiding from the rain. I've been pretty blah lately so I'll try to hide that in the post.

Here are some Thursday work pictures-

A turkey pepperoni smile

My feet somewhere!

Thursday night me and Stef went to emmas in bridgewater for dinner

Appetizers were half off so we got a bunch of stuff.

Friday night me mer and Morgado went to margaritas for dinner .

Our waiter drew a peace sign on our check. How nice

Then we shopped a little and baked a cake

Then I headed home from my metro west adventure

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

can memorial day weekend come sooner?

Green nails

I'm at work right now looking at the barftastic color my nails are, I love it! I've been sitting and listening to the 80s alternative channel on aol radio. Here are some pictures from the last few days.

On Monday I made a pizza for dinner. It was turkey pepperoni and artichokes. Now I'm no chef at all, I bought the crust in a pack of three at the store and the sauce is from a jar. Even though I'm not a culinary wiz it still tasted good and I was happy with it.

It was so good I might make another pizza tonight!


Came along. This is my desktop calendar I have at work.
Tuesday I went bowling with Garvey and Eric even though I have a sprained finger.

I had these mini pickles at work too!

I also passed a house last night that still had their Christmas lights up and they were on.

Excuse my shocked driving by picture.
I still bowled okay with my finger and I marked a couple times.
I wanted ice cream so bad, but when we flipped a coin in the car it decided for us not to. I was really tired anyway and I need to not spend money :(

Here are my green nails

I suppose I'll show you the s'mores poptart I ate this morning.

Maybe I'll do some laundry tonight?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

fruit rolls

the hidden gem of the tootsie roll world (except the vanilla ones... barf)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Odd findings

Some pictures from yesterday.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Name/Location: Scott...Indianapolis, Indiana

Tell me about the shirt: Aways Aware t-shirt designed by Spoiler in 2007. Always Aware were from Chicago and members went on to be in Thought Crusade (Triple B Records).

Why is it important to you?: I love this shirt, its one of my favorite fitting shirts and I had always wanted it since i had seen it, but they didn't have this design the two times i ever saw them.

Where did you get it?: I got it when my band, Picked Clean, played with Thought Crusade (the singer of AW is in TC now) and he had a box of shirts for sale and i grabbed it super fast out of the box.

Any story you want to share about it? From what i have been told only like 15 of these shirts exist outta of like 50 or so they made. Someone stole the rest or some shit like that. I recently had someone offer me $100 for this shirt of my back, haha.

Post your blog/band site/whatever: Check out my band, Picked Clean, , new 7" out soon on Six Feet Under Records.
i also just found the facebook for picked clean. like them and support!

everyone check out picked clean! im always supporting SFU records, the link is in my sidebar so check them out and support dave!

some funny austin powers moments

austin powers movies are up there in my top 10. im such a sucker for them and i decided to post some funny youtube videos.

These are NOT snow caps

Yesterday was bad so I will just touch base on the good parts.

I like that keebler cookies really don't fool around with their trucks. Even the flaps had elves!

I watched Austin powers

Me and mike went to felipes and got burritos and then ice cream. These are not snow caps

Then I somehow made it home.

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