Wednesday, April 6, 2011


monday night i got pizza with mike, it was half price!

i got a bbq chicken pizza w/feta. it was pretty good, i give it a 7. we went to emmas pub & pizza in bridgewater.

i dont think i did anything yesterday, if i did i cant remember.

today i went for a laser hair removal treatment then hung out with harry. we got food at cabots in newton.

i got coffee oreo ice cream with caramel, marshmallow, and sprinkles. im still on a sugar high

heres an outfit post i mustered up today

necklace- forever 21
tights- gap & target (i was wearing 2 pairs because it was cold out)
dress- tj maxx
saddle shoes- payless

here are my legs in bed

thermals- primp


  1. yay pizza! going to get some tonight :D

    love your orange tights with your saddle shoes!! you are adorable!


  2. aw thanks!!! i feel like there is such a east coast/west coast thing of burritos VS pizza. i need to try west coast pizza someday