Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekend away day 1

Well I was up early to go to new York on Saturday. My dad picked me up to being me to the T and then I was heading to south station. There was a girl next to me on the red line eating corn on the Cobb. This might have been one of the oddest things ive seen someone eat on the train. My bus left kind of late so I was mad, then the worst human sat near me. Good thing I nodded off for most of the first half of the ride. I got 2 seats to myself!
Then I ran to the LIRR to catch the train to Joanna. Once her and Shane picked me up we went to smokin als for dinner. We got the fried pickles and they were pretty good. They were cut the long way which is the first time I've seen some like that.

They had a paper towel roll on the table! I always think every BBQ place should.

Then our food came! Me and Joanna both got brisket platters w/ Mac & cheese. It was one of the best Mac & cheeses I've had.

Shane got a burger. It had so many gross onions on it that I was getting nervous.

There was pig pictures around the whole place. This one was my favorite. Chippendale piggies in the girls bathroom!!

After we ate we headed to monster golf. I've posted pictures from the one here so I won't post too many.
They had pigs!

Then I got a high score on a gun game!

After monster golf we went to phatsos to eat fried yummies!

Joanna got fried Oreos and me and Shane split the fried s'mores & ring dings. The ring dings were my favorite! The guy who ran the place was super nice too!

New york has puppy scratch tickets

Then we went to sleep!


  1. sounds like a fantastic day sweetie! yummy bbq, a train ride and gold and then fried s'mores! wow, so jealous! glad to hear and see you had a great time! you deserve it!


  2. mmm deep fried sweets! I'm glad you guys had fun!

  3. holy bejeepers I need those deep fried treats in my mouth. Right meow!
    Man oh man, I am so very hungry and out of all the 75 posts I'm behind with my google reader I had to click on this one first!
    Aaand scratch tickdets? Sounds like best day ever material :)

  4. come back!! i had so much fun <3

  5. thanks gals! i had a fun time and the sweets were so good!

  6. i did pretty good on NY tickets