Monday, May 2, 2011


Name/Location: Jerome from da Pacific Northwest

Tell me about the shirt: It's beautiful, really. Far and away my favorite design by the long-lived Type-O Negative. Not super tacky, simple design, and it works really well. I was a really big Carnivore fan for a while before I got into Type-O, and I was really hesitant when I started listening to Type-O, because there's just so much material to take in. But i fell in love with the band and began my hunt for the perfect piece of merchandise.

Why is it important to you?: Few reasons. It's an XL but fits like the perfect large. nice and long, not really wide. It's probably my most worn shirts, because of how awesome it fits. The phrase on the back, 'Above All Things Be A Man', is probably the realest thing ever. Todd's Ship Gods and The Dream is Dead are both great songs to rep, as well.

Where did you get it?: I snagged this on ebay from some euro [i'm like 90% sure these shirts were sold on a euro tour, as well as a longsleeve version, cca 1997] for decently cheap. like $13 plus shipping, if i recall.

Any story you want to share about it?: xtimx can suck it.

Post your blog/band site/whatever: but I seldomly add people I don't know, so listen to this band instead

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  1. xtimx has sucked it. I mean. Awesome shirt, awesome blog.