Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well this tshirt feature will be a little different. Joanna is one of my best friends, her and her boyfriend shane are doing a feature today. We decided just to put them together.

Name/location Joanna long island, ny

Tell me about the shirt: This is a shirt from the singer/song writer Owen. its printed on american apparel and its probably the most comfortable shirt i own.

Why is it important to you?: i listen to owen every single day, to say he's my favorite is an understatement. i also despise children more than anyone i know so its like this shirt was made for me

Where did you get it? : i ordered it from the polyvinyl website for 6 bucks when they were having a sale.

Any story you want to share about it?: ive definitely gotten a lot of weird looks about it. especially the one time i wore it to work.
Post your blog/band site/whatver i dont have a blog, i just want people to read yours!!

name/location: Shane from Lindenhurst Long Island

Tell me about the shirt: It's The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels! He is a pro wrestler.

Why is it important to you?: It's HBK. It should be important to everyone! He was just my favorite wrestler when I was younger.

Where did you get it? : I got it from my friends brother. Don't know why he would give away such an awesome shirt but he did.

Any story you want to share about it?: It rules.

Post your blog/band site/whatever: Read


  1. Thanks so much for having us! I wish my shirt was half as cool as shane's! Haha

  2. I named my dog after Owen because after 3 days and dozens of names not sticking, an Owen song came on on my computer and it just felt right! I would love to find this shirt some place and alter it to put on my dog. Not that I enjoy pestering him with human clothes, but it would be awfully funny to see a 95lbs dog named Owen running after children while wearing a shirt that said "Owen hates kids." :)

  3. I like seeing animals in clothing for some reason. I think its so funny!