Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Equal dinner opportunities!

Friday night I had to go to LL Bean to see if they had these sock inserts for my rubber boots. A week or so ago I was at nordstroms looking for some, but they were sold out of almost all of the kids hunter ones. They didn't have any that went with my boots. Joanna let me know that LL Bean sold the same type of thing, but when I went to the store they didn't have any kid sized ones(damn having tiny feet!) They sell them online, but I hate waiting for things in the mail! Oh well!
Since we were right next to it Pete and I decided to grab dinner at the Yard House. I went there last year with my mom, but that was the only time I went. I guess since then they added a whole section of the menu that has meals with Gardein chicken/beef. I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but Pete is vegan so this was really exciting. Usually he will settle for anywhere I want to eat, but it was awesome to be able to go to a place and we could both get a meal we loved.

It was so dark in there, but I still tried to take some pictures. Pete got the sliders with Gardein and I got the stir fry bowl with brown rice and chicken.

I also really like the Yard House, because they make everything fresh and you can take away or add things. I just asked them to take out a couple of the veggies I was allergic to and it was no biggy. I hate when I'm out somewhere and they tell you it's a mix and you can't ask for it without something. My food was great and Pete loved his. I can't wait to go back


  1. This place was awesome. Sports on several TVs and they played good classic rock. The vegetarian/vegan options were plenty and the company was stellar.

  2. i have been craving chinese food like no bodies business, i really need to help my craving out :D

  3. Chinese food is one of my favorites :D its always good.

    Caitlin, we can all go whenever!

  4. boo to the LL bean store not having the socks! but at least you know where you can get them, and i bet they have fast shipping.