Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturday night

Saturday we had a plan to bake potatoes.

I cleaned the potatoes and coated them with extra virgin olive oil and kosher salt. Baked them for an hour at 350 degrees.

They were super yummy!
Then we (Pete, Garvey, and I) decided to go bowling. We headed over to Ron's in Hyde park. We've never been there before and it's pretty close to my house.

Ron's is actually more famous for their ice cream, so of course Garvey and I had to try it.

Pete had an air head(mystery white of course)


  1. mmm baked potatoes are the best! with a little bits of bacon and butter and loads of sour cream...my mouth it totally watering! hehe now i want one and i am not even hungry!

  2. they were so good! my boyfriend had the bacos and i just used butter/lots of salt!
    now that i see how easy they were i want to make them again.

  3. I want a baked potato! I love your action shots!

  4. i think i made pete and garvey take a million pictures haha.