Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm excited to bring back my tshirt features. I've been a little uninspired the last few months and I'm excited that my friend Stan is back again to do another feature.

Name/Location: Hi! Lynn! I’m Stan and I live in a suburb of the great city of Atlanta, GA

Tell me about the shirt: This is an XL Fire & Ice shirt. Printed on a AAA brand tee shirt.

Why is it important to you? Because I do realize that Fire & Ice rocks, ok! Friends supporting a friend that’s what I believe in. I’ve also been known to wear this with a Fire & Ice hat and Fire & Ice sweat shorts. Don’t Judge me. Shit when it gets cold I might wear it under a Fire & Ice hooded sweatshirt.

Where did you get it? I picked this bad boy up at the Naysayer record release a few weeks ago for $10. How cool is that? I got a sweet shirt from a sweet band and I didn’t have to drop a lot of money on it over Ebay, I know it seems hard to believe but you can go to shows and see good bands and buy their merch straight from the.

Any story you want to share about it? One time I saw Free Spirit and Rival Mob and bought merch and didn’t resale it on ebay. Is that hard to believe in 2011? I try to only wear shirts from bands that are still bands and still play hardcore gigs(sometimes I wear my Killing Time shirt I got from you, Thanks for that by the way.) When Out Crowd gigs I try to wear my friend’s band shirt. Well today is 9-11 so I’ll wear a Warzone shirt, R.I.P. Ray

Post your blog/band site/whatever: I sing for a youth crew oi band called Out Crowd and do a poor job at the tumblr game.