Monday, September 26, 2011

Thursday on Monday

Thursday after work I headed home to grab my mom and my uncle Jimmy. We headed into Brighton to get some grilled cheese at Roxy's.

Then we decided (well me) that we needed treats. I was thinking where we could go and James suggested cakeology in the financial district. We headed over there and they were close to closing so there wasn't a TON of variety left, but there were some.

I got a vegan chocolate one and a mini chocolate one with crunchies. My mom got a red velvet and my uncle got a vanilla one. The place was super cute and the nicest cupcake place I've ever sat in. They also had fortune cookies. They don't top Treat's cupcakes, but it was still super yummy.
It was a nice night for a Thursday!


  1. Ohh it sounds good! I will have to go sometime

  2. I'm still so bummed that after attempting to/visiting Roxy's half a dozen times when they were out here for the Great Food Truck Race we were never able to secure any grilled cheeses... good excuse to hunt them down on vacation someday!

    Sounds like a fun afternoon - Cakeology looks really cute.

  3. Ya it was the usual as far as cupcakes go, but the actual place was super cute.

    Caroline, im bummed you couldnt check out roxys! hopefully if you make it back up here again you can stop by :D