Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekends go by too quickly

I hate how you work all all week just to have 2 days off. Well I wrote about Friday nights bowling trip to Viking in this post.
Saturday I got up and met Caitlin and Dave over at ikea. I said hi to mom and got a cinnamon bun. After ikea I headed to A New Conception in Hanover for Caitlin's ultrasound! At first the baby was hiding, but after some stretching we got to see her face. It was so cool!!! She made so many faces at us.
After that I headed over to Pete's.
Sunday I picked up Garvey and we met up with Pete in Quincy. We headed to Westgate lanes in Brockton.

Then we got Chinese at Chengdu!

Then I cleaned my boots, but that's for later!
Roxys was Eliminated off the food truck race on food network. My mom was devastated, but I'm gonna bring her there this week to raise her spirits.

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