Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday night bowling alley review

Tonight Pete and I wanted to go bowling, but I wanted to go to another new alley. I decided that East Bridgewater wasn't too far to drive so I decided that we were going head there. After dinner we drove over there and it was surprisingly empty. Usually on a Friday night bowling alleys are crowded and annoying. We walked in and the guys working at Viking were super friendly and offered to turn on fun lights or music for us if we wanted. An episode of Criminal Minds I haven't seen was on in the background so I was a little distracted :P The only bad thing about this place is that the pins didn't have a ton of action so it was a little discouraging at times. It was a clean alley and also had an arcade room and offered lottery.
Overall I give Viking recreation center an 8!
The lack of action in the pins was the only thing that brought it down from a 10. The guys there were so nice I wish I could have brought a million people in there to give them the business. I'm hoping we just went on an off night.

Secret picture I took of Pete ;)

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