Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekend & storm

Friday I hurried home so pete & I could meet up with caitlin, Dave, and Dorie at the fair. We got to marshfield and decided what to eat! I had 2 steak on a sticks... So good.

First one

2nd one.
Of course I got to see the piggies

I wish I could have kidnapped them all.
Pete and I went on a ride, but I felt horrible after.

I tried taking a picture on the ride...

So much food that night!

The next morning pete, alex, Sam, and I went to Mohegan.

Lime fanta from the fancy coke machine at the buffet!!
Then we waited for the storm the next day. It was hard to sleep from the rain and wind noise, but it wasn't too bad in Boston.
We eventually got up and went to cabots.

We lost power in stoughton, but got it back around 8. Work still doesn't have power! We got evacuated today!


now im sitting at home


  1. I have a blurry pic of you and Dorie with the pigs I will post soon! I need to go to one of these coke machines soon! Everytime I drive by kellys I want to stop

  2. i really need to go to a fair! i wan to go to the harvest fair that is coming up...hopefully we can make that happen, i need fair food!!!!!!

  3. me and garvey went to one at bolocco on boylston next to spikes!
    fair food is really the only reason to go to the fair haha :)