Friday, May 6, 2011

This week (mostly in pictures)

Last weekend me, Stef, Garvey, and mike went to saus near fanueil hall. They have Belgian waffles and fries.

Fries, a waffle with salted caramel sauce, and root beer.

We decided to walk around because it was nice out.

Me behind the aquarium

A man walking around in public in some kind of a robe

Garvey and Stef got ice cream

Monday night me and Garvey went to the new buffalo wild wings that opened up next to the Saugus mall.

I won at trivia ( Garvey told me all the answers though )

I saw this rainbow before my game yesterday.


  1. what a great weekend! i love belgian waffles, so yummy and with caramel sauce! wow!


  2. ya it was so yummy that i wish it wasnt in a tourist area so i could go there every week!