Monday, May 16, 2011

old tshirts into yarn

this weekend i was hanging out with caitlin and she was telling me how she is going to make old tshirts into cotton yarn. i was instantly curious, because i have so many tshirts that i wont really be able to sell. i did some searching on google for instruction and found a couple of blogs/websites to let me know what to do.

i will update with pictures when i start doing it tonight


  1. yay! I'm glad you looked into it

  2. yes please send pictures such a great idea!!


  3. What a neat idea! I'd never heard of such a thing before. It looks super soft. My boyfriend has several dozen old shirts that are essentially home-bound due to little stains or tiny holes and if I can convince him that it's for a worthy cause I'm so hoping he'll let me have my way with them!

    Can't wait to see what you make with them :)

  4. ya im hoping to make something with them, im not sure what though. i need to find more colorful shirts, my mid 00s wardrobe is a sea of black band shirts.

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