Tuesday, May 10, 2011


im super excited for this feature! i get extra happy when my friends do features and stan is awesome. hes doing a feature on a hat, so this post has a twist.

Tell me about the shirt!
I will do you one better and tell you about a hat, not just any hat but a Fire & Ice hat. I was told it is made after a Prong hat that Boots has. It is pretty sweet. I'm not sure how many they made but boy am I glad I got my hands on one.

Why is it important to you?
A lot of bands make mesh hats and fitted hats but Fire & Ice took a step in a different direction with this bad boy. It fits great, has a cool logo and looks cool as hell. I like supporting my friends and supporting great core bands, this hat allows me to do both.

Where did you get it?
Fire & Ice made these for United Blood fest 2010. I was walking to get pizza and saw Dave Boots with the box, dropped $15 and walked away with a smile. I think they sold out kind of fast and not fetch a pretty penny on ebay. They made a blue one with a different print that I have been trying to score for a while now.

Any story you want to share about it?
Note the fact that there is no mesh and you get the nice string across the brim. My hope is that in 20 years kids speak of this hat the way that my fellow coreman David Jaycox and myself speak of the legendary Warzone hat.

check out stan's blog!

stan also does a zine called the atlanta youth report, if youre ever at a show or fest and see one... PICK IT UP!

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