Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy weekend

This weekend I actually went out and was barely home! Friday I made my way up to Salem to hang out with Caitlin and Dave. After a parking fiasco we headed to some stores and then chilis. For some reason i didn't take a picture that night. We all got black bean burgers, I was surprised how good it was. If I ever get another burger from there I'd get that. Then we watched wedding shows until Caitlin fell asleep. On my way home I drove by a white Monte Carlo ss in Salem, then on 95 in dedham he passed me! Must be love.

Saturday me and erick went to the science museum to see cosmic collisions at the planetarium.

Since I was a good person I put my phone away and zipped my lip when it started. Of course the loudest people were behind us. I had to shh them multiple times.
After that we headed to cabots to eat lunch/dinner.

I got chicken soup and chili cheese fries. Erick got a grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Then ice cream!

I got a small sundae with coffee Oreo ice cream, caramel, marshmallow, and rainbow sprinkles. Erick got a brownie sundae and it was huge!

Then we headed to Boston bowl and we bowled 4 games! I thought my arm was going to fall off, there was also little human pests here too! Little kids running around us and in front of us while we were bowling. Some parents just don't care.

After that we went to monster golf in Norwood.

This little nugget jumped on me

Joanna i miss you!

Yesterday was also very eventful.
The day started at toro and I drank too much water. Jimmys friend talked a lot.
Then we walked over to actually I forget the name of the place now. The food didn't really look good to us so I had more water. Laura and Lauren went out to eat and me and Jimmy headed to fake reginas in Allston. It was a good choice and we split an olive pizza. There was a creepy painting of an old couple watching us. Then we headed to Somerville.
Me and Jimmy put wbcn stickers on Eachothers cars. Mines an
Allman brothers one! Mary joined our adventure and then we grabbed some food at a bar. We hung out there for a while. I think
Me and Jimmy listened to the cars "let's go" 5 times haha.
How ugly is this?

My brother took this!