Sunday, May 22, 2011

best chocolate ive had

wednesday after work i headed to the back bay to do a focus group. i had some extra time on my hands so i walked around and poked into a few stores, i got a couple new hats at h&m. im really dislike hats, but i dislike alopecia more.
well i finally got to go to hotel chocolat!
ive walked by it at night and ive always been curious!

I walked in and i was taken back how bright and clean it was. the people that worked there were so nice and offered samples. i could only have the plain milk chocolate because of my allergies, but it was really good. after walking around i decided on the caramel cheesecake chocolates, the girl checking me out told me it was one of her favorites.

for 6 BIG pieces it was only 7.50! for someone that buys chocolate all the time (probably too much :P ) it was an awesome price!
well at this point i was so giddy i shuffled quickly back to my car so i could try a piece of it. i bit into it and i was just taken back by how runny and sweet the caramel was and how perfectly tart the cheesecake part was. PERFECT!

i could eat them everyday all day!


  1. wow a chocolate hotel! how amazing would that actually really be!?! well i am not sure if it would actually work but it would be really cool! i wish i could try some! do bad i live to far away! well glad you enjoyed it! hope you go back for more!


  2. i guess the boston one is the only store in the USA, so its a bummer that it hasnt expanded. maybe it will if this store does well!

  3. My mouth was watering before I even got to the bottom of your post! Next month my boyfriend and I are meeting up with family in Boston [or Nantucket Island?? I don't think either of us know] I'm so hoping to check this place out if we have time! Cheesecake, caramel, and chocolate are three of life's greatest pleasures.

  4. awesome! ive played softball on nantucket before. next month it should actually be awesome out here and im sure youll have a great time.

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