Sunday, March 27, 2011


Name/Location: xCHIPxSEM Miami, FL.

Tell me about the shirt: Earth Crisis "Destroy The Machines Records Release Design".

Why is it important to you?: A show only design that was printed specifically for the release of Destroy The Machines in 1995 in Syracuse.

Where did you get it?: I got this particular shirt from Patrick Kitzel of Reaper Records. My wife has been good friends with him for years and he gave me the heads up that he was going to sell some stuff to raise money for future Reaper releases. He knew I collected ExC merch so he sold it to me outright instead of going through Ebay.

Any story you want to share about it? Cabal printed this and sold it at the show eventually selling what was left over through their catalog. The print is one color and features the date of the show on the back. You can also see Karl wearing the "Rebel Alliance" Cabal design in the photo on the back

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everyone check out chip's blog!!! i follow it!!!

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