Friday, March 18, 2011


so after throwing up and being nauseous for days i finally went to the doctors.
the culprit- DEHYDRATION & a lack of salt in my system.

after being sick i was plagued by this and i need to beat so i can feel human again. my doctor decided that was wrong and of course she was stuck hearing about my paranoia and anxiety for longer than she should have had to like every time i go to the doctors.
she gave me a recipe for a weird drink and told me to drink pedialyte... let me tell you... i dont know how that stuff made it past the taste test of a little kid, because its so gross!!! it tastes like overly sweetened juice mixed with pee! im so hungry and worn out, hopefully i get my appetite back soon so i can eat something.
also... i went to CVS yesterday and their own brand of pedialyte offers like 10 flavors. there was only 2 flavors of actual pedialyte..... STEP UP YOUR GAME.

i hope this is my last day of missing some work and i cant wait to just be back in general. its really nice out and when i go out to get more pedialyte i think im going to pick up some sunflower butter. ive been reading about it online and im so excited to try it. being allergic to nuts is such a pain in the ass and i hate missing out on peanut butter related things. i think i may become addicted.

im in bed watching the neelys and they are cooking the best looking meal ive seen them make EVER. they are making a BBQ turkey meatloaf, mac and cheese(minus the bacon on top they added), and cupcakes.


let me note: i dont cook and i dont know anything about cooking.
i love as seen on tv items and i honestly wish i could buy almost everything ive seen since i was little. i wanted to send my parents checks to wallingford CT and get the most wonderful useless items sent to me for 7.95 shipping and handling.


  1. me too! theres so much hate on them, but i love that horrible saucy attitude