Sunday, March 6, 2011

saturday nights alright for eating

saturday started off good.
i woke up early and played pogo games, i then got ready and went to target to buy s'mores supplies.
then saturday got really bad.
after having a breakdown i went to garveys. we watched tv and then went to sonic.

my favorite used to be the chili cheese coney and then they changed their hot dogs to big not as good kind. they now have 6in ones and i needed to go back. then i got a small fry and a lime slush that actually tastes like lime.
we then headed back to garveys and made s'mores.

i couldnt find a small enough burner gel for my s'mores maker so the oven had to do (and i wasnt complaining)
then we went to mikes and then i dropped them off at the rival schools show. then i headed over to Roxy's gourmet grilled cheese truck.
its ran by awesome people and the grilled cheese was good! they even burnt mine for me! i was sad because they ran out of fried pickles by the time i got there. ill have to go earlier next time.

it was so big i ate about 75% of it.
then i headed home and i fell asleep pretty early again.

note it was finally warm yesterday. it was in the low 50s/high 40s and i was so excited. i think its going to be at least 40 this week.


  1. I can't wait to go to roxy's! I'm glad your night turned out ok

  2. ya i need to go back when they have pickles