Sunday, March 6, 2011


Name/Location: Geoff Mitchell, Atlanta

Tell me about the shirt: Arkangel "Prayers Upon Deaf Ears" design on a navy blue XL Screen Stars shirt.

Why is it important to you?: This is one of those shirts that I never thought I would own. It seems like merch from Arkangel is very hard to come by in the first place, so this was a lucky find. I was fortunate enough to score a shirt from a band/release that was one of my favorites from the late 90s and I'm very stoked about it.

Where did you get it?: I found it on Ebay around the summer time of last year. A dude who's name I can't even pronounce sold it to me all the way from Thailand. Sure, I waited weeks and weeks for it to come in the mail, but it was worth it.

Any story you want to share about it? Not really a story to tell about it, but I'll mention that this thing will never leave my closet/collection, haha. One of my favorites in my collection and I will be pitting in Heaven while wearing this thing whenever I die.

For those that care to check out some things:
I sing in a 90s rip-off band called Deathbed and you can listen and download our demo here:
I also run a hardcore shirt blog called Don't Forget the Shirts:

Go vegan and stay straight edge.

everyone check out geoff's band and blog!!

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