Saturday, March 26, 2011

all you need is papa ginos

well today i went to the last in line show. it was so cold out, mother nature played a horrible trick on us (its not even april fools yet)
then me and pearse went to papa ginos in dorchester for dinner.

i got a small black olive pizza. the bubbles are my favorite and this one reminded me of mark (i miss you mark!)
its funny because every papa ginos is the same i think. i walked into this one and it was the SAME EXACT inside as the stoughton one, same building and even the same crappy "italian" paintings on the wall. it even has the same old spot where the juke box used to be. pearse got a meatball sub, we were both armed with our papa ginos rewards cards. they are so in demand that every customer except one had one, the one rewards cardless even was saying how she needs to get a rewards card. i had a 5$ credit on mine so i got to put that towards my pizza/soda.

this happened after pearse got coke... this doesnt surprise me at the dorchester papa ginos.

well im home now and i ate the rest of my pizza and im watching golden girls on tv. we got a ton of new channels so watching tv is even more of a great experience for me. its only 1030 so im hoping its another early night for me, hopefully my cherry coke doesnt keep me up all night. i even got a refill on my soda!


  1. i miss it so much, i love that it was a consistent get together for all of us. i knew id be happy tuesday night because i was seeing everyone.

  2. I dont like olives, but that looks good.

  3. i really like black olives. papa ginos doesnt have feta though, they need to step up their game!