Wednesday, March 23, 2011

laundry day

well tonight will be dedicated to LAUNDRY. my whole room is a complete mess and laundry piles are taking over and slowly creeping up on me.

the worst part is that i need to wait for the laundry before mine to be done. it gives me a chance to slowly not care as much then BAM im laying in bed all night watching NCIS.
i need to throw stuff away and get rid of stuff (per usual) im so over cluttered.
my work is moving a couple buildings over and we are becoming a "professional" office. aka i get paid the same amount to do more work and get screwed over more. what else is new! i also need to buy more "professional" clothes.
can someone please find me a new better paying job? or even a better job that pays the same amount.

here are some music videos just because


  1. i hear ya, i hate doing laundry , so i just buy more shirts haha

  2. i buy too many!!!!!! i could live in fort of shirts if i wanted to