Monday, March 21, 2011

treat cupcakes

tonight for dinner i had shrimp cocktail, but i think i ate too many shrimpys. then i had a red velvet cupcake from treat cupcake bar in needham ma

excuse me sticking my finger in the frosting before i ate it

it was honestly the BEST red velvet cupcake ive had. the cake itself tasted so good and it was dense. usually a red velvet cupcake has to depend on the cream cheese frosting to taste good. the cream cheese frosting was perfect and not too sweet.

now im laying around watching NCIS.

i need to make a tattoo appointment before marina moves to richmond!


  1. That cupcake!! I want.
    Dave needs to make one too. When he called for mine she only had one session open

  2. we have to go sometime! and that cupcake place always has vegan options

  3. I saw that when I went to the link!