Thursday, March 24, 2011

Larry J's house of Q review v.1

well a few weeks ago me garvey and mike went to larry j's house of q in chelsea. i forgot to do a review on it when we went there so since im going there tonight id figure id do this one.
so we drive there and it was fairly easy to get to and its street parking. we parked within a block or two of the place.

here are some pictures of the place

i give the inside/decor a 9. it was really clean and fun looking. and it has the most essential thing..... A PAPER TOWEL ROLL ATTACHED TO THE BOOTH. this is a such an important thing at a messy place and i love when places have it. the wait wasnt too long for our food to come, maybe 10 minutes or so. Larry's wife handled us at the register and he was even there later to chat and walk around.

our food came

i wasnt 100% sure what i wanted so i got a few smaller things. i got burnt ends, mac & cheese, and fried pickles. pretty much anywhere that offers fried pickles i need to try them. they are my favorite.
i wasnt a huge fan of the burnt ends, they were a little too big for me. the mac and cheese i liked a little better, but it didnt have a ton of flavor. the fried pickles were really good and one of the better ones ive had.
overall i give the food a 6.5

mike got a pulled pork sandwich and fries and garvey got a pulled jerk chicken sandwich with fries. they both had the same rating about the food as i did.

tonight me and harry are going there and im going to try something different and give another review. im hoping i pick something i like a lot more.

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