Monday, January 31, 2011

sunday adventure

yesterday i spent the day with one of my best friends caitlin!
our plan was to go to brooklyn to get tattooed at 9. well things didnt work out exactly as planned and caitlins car broke down, thank god she was in her own town and close to her house. i rescued her in salem and we were off. we somehow make it to NY in like 3 hours from salem.
we got these yummy sandwiches from a deli a few buildings over from the shop and caitlin got an exciting vegan sub and i got a turkey/ veggie bacon sub.
we got tattooed by marina inoue at flyrite in brooklyn . shes so awesome and everyone should get tattooed by her if they have the chance.

i got this little guy to fill in some space on the inside of my arm. im hoping to get my arm finished in the next couple months.
marina drew it up and tattooed me within 45 minutes. so awesome!
then caitlin got an owl on her arm and its so pretty. check out her blog to see the outline of it!
we made it home in decent time and i was home around 11ish which was good.

now we are going to get another 1-2 feet of snow. FFFFF


  1. I forgot about that sandwich!!!MMmmmm

  2. we will have to go there again next time we go