Tuesday, January 18, 2011

killing yourself to live

i hate being in horrible joint pain. i hope someday soon they can figure out whats wrong with my joints and ill wake up one day not in pain.

tshirt- the rival mob- hardcore for hardcore
sweater- fred perry
jeans- levis

i made myself pasta tonight which is a big deal, i cant cook.

wouldnt have been awesome to see black sabbath when ozzy was perfect?


  1. LOVE that sweater. I have a recent addiction to old 50's style cardigans, like the letterman style sweaters and such.

    Joint pain is so annoying and painful, I had it until I realized I have bad arches, so I bought some expensive insoles for my work shoes and I've yet to be in pain anymore. And I try to wear more supportive shoesies

  2. its so warm and comfy so i wore it today because it was so crappy out. ya ive had insoles and stuff. i just want to get the testing over with to find out whats wrong.

  3. oh you poor thing! i wish they knew what was wrong too so you could be better!


  4. aw thanks! ya im getting tested on the 14th

  5. lookin good babygirl. I feel you on the joint pain. I'm hoping my docter will finally find out whats wrong with me.

  6. AW NATT! i didnt know you dealt with joint pain. i tried going to the gym last night, it was a slight nightmare

  7. yeah, it sucks. i thought i mention something about it before, but i guess i try not to mention it because a lot of people don't like to hear me complain ahaha. i also went to the gym last night, it was really hard for me to do bicep curls.

  8. aw you can complain to me about it! i understand

  9. we can compare joint pains. haha