Sunday, January 23, 2011

200... i hate even numbers!

i cant believe this is my 200th post.
this weekend was odd, it was a mixture of being sad and trying to do fun food things to take my mind off life. something in my life is falling apart and it bums me out so much. i almost feel like i should be using my livejournal to whine about it.

friday night i stayed in and watched tv all night. i grabbed a pizza from town spa out of laziness because its 2 streets over from me. its gotten so expensive, but it was just there.

feta, black olives, and mushrooms MMMM.

saturday i laid in bed until so late!! then me mike and garvey went to chick fila (we saw gil and sam there!) and then the melting pot. i love chocolate fondue. we went back to garveys and watched golden girls and plopped on the couch.

today i laid in bed too late too. then me jana mary and garvey got reginas. it was good, the football game was on and people were loud behind us. now im back in bed watching SVU.


  1. happy 200 post! sorry to hear that things are tough right now! chin up sweetie and yes food is always so comforting..especially yummy pizza!


  2. aww thanks! ya ill get over it soon i suppose.

  3. We can hangout this weekend and be bummed out and eat!

  4. i got the money out of my piggy bank yesterday for our tattoo adventure this weekend.

  5. 200 posts, that's awesome! That pizza looks delish!

  6. thanks! im a sucker for feta cheese