Wednesday, January 19, 2011


name/location: Jad Ryan - Australia

why is it important to you?: Orchid are without a doubt are my all time favourite band, 'Chaos Is Me' is also my favourite album. It is important to me because ever since i started getting into the band I really wanted something to show that I was a fan. When I started looking for merch I was pretty bummed that there were so many bootlegs out there and very few official shirts available. Screamo bands are a bit like that they usually have only 1 or 2 shirt designs that are usually pretty hard to find. By the time I had started looking, all their merch designs were long out of print as the band had called it quits years ago. Ebay was the only place their merch could be bought. The guy that sold me this told me he bought this from the singer at one of their shows circa 2000, wish I could've been there, would have given anything to see them live.

where did you get it?: got it from Ebay a few years ago, had been looking for a shirt for ages so was really stoked when one finally came up for auction.

any story you want to share about it?: The band's label put out an official reprint of this design in around 2006 to combat the high ebay prices and large number of bootlegs beign sold.

If you've never heard the band, give em a listen

if you want to be in a tshirt feature email me!

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