Sunday, January 16, 2011

zebra yarn blues

hi everyone!
Rocking a crown of thornz train yard blues shirt on a lazy weekend.

everyone that likes tshirts check out tee till death!


well this weekend me and garvey went to caitlins! we crocheted and played buck hunter on wii. ive never played wii before, but i figured buckhunter is the only game that would be my first. we watched some tv and chatted for hours.

next day we ran errands and went to chick fila!
i got another lava lamp at target, but it has fishies in it!! best thing and it was so cheap on sale.

then me, garvey, julia, and mike went bowling in natick and went to see suburban scum in framingham.
i stayed up too late yesterday and drank too much soda


  1. this reminds me, i found a lava lamp in my room while i was finally cleaning it. I need to set it up.