Monday, December 6, 2010


owner: TOM/paanda666
midwest hardstyle

tell me about the shirt!: This is a power trip jägermeister rip off design, that was originally all white.

why is it important to you?: So although the band did some select tye dye tanks with that design, mine is much different than the others I've seen.

where did you get it?: I bought it off them in some remote IL show they played with minus, mongoloids, and downpresser.

any story you want to share about it?: The vocalist of power trip threw it to me for just 5 bucks because it was the last one and had a bunch of dirt all over it. I washed it out which was nothing then I tye dyed it myself with a lighter different tye dye.

if any of you wanted to know more info about the band power trip:

if you want to take part in a tshirt feature email me:


  1. that shirt is awesome! i love the jagermeister design...will have to look up that band as i have never heard of them.


  2. awesome! they are from texas

  3. They have one of the best songs on the America's Hardcore comp.