Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ouch tiny post v.2

so im home today because i got a cyst removed at the doctors. for as much i can move around im trying to get stuff together to donate for the veterans truck that goes around. so far i have one super full trash bag, but id like to get together 2 bags.

in other news... i got my camera in the mail yesterday that i ordered on black friday and its pretty nice, of course i dont know how to use it though so im sure that will take a super long time do to. now that i have a real camera im hoping i can take some pictures of stuff to sell and help clear out my house/room a little.

i look over at the TV and gene simmons family jewels is on and i was never a fan of this show. im going to change it to something crime related. i have seen this special though, so i know the sadness thats coming.

id like to own this dress!

shirt i got from seeing roger waters! it has the three boston dates on the back
i think ive been living in my red killing time sweatshirt lately

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