Friday, March 9, 2012


Well it is finally Friday and it is almost time to leave work. I think I might reward myself with a small piece of fudge for making it through the week. :P

I have been going to the gym lately and I've been pretty good with going and sticking with it. I've been doing a mix of some pool classes and some cardio things. I've lost some weight! Go me! I've been using this app called "Lose it" and its awesome.

Here are a few pictures from the past week or so, most of them are on Instagram! My name is Littlexlynn on there

I was in the locker room of the gym waiting for my mom to get out of a class. I was so red and tired.

Eating a fine treat

Experiencing the finest of dining at Buffalo Wild Wings

My new Killing Time shirt I got in the mail

I've also been super busy with my Tee Till Death postings! Here are a few from this week:
Van Halen kicks ass
X-Rated Swatch maxi
Inxs 1986 tour shirt
Waste Management shirt
Two flippers from Friday
Morgado for saleeeeee


  1. Fudge sounds so good right now... but when doesn't it sound amazing? ;)

    Cute gym shoes! Mine are so torn up and dirty looking. I've been visiting the gym regularly lately too! It's so nice when it makes that switch from feeling like a chore you dread to a nice reward... maybe not reward, but a nice way to spend some time and do some good for your body. I hope it's been helping with your ailments!

  2. I'm so proud (and jealous!) of you getting to the gym and watching what you eat!