Thursday, March 15, 2012

The past couple days

Well on March 25th I start softball practice, last year I almost passed out during the first practice. I knew I had to condition myself a little before this year. I've been going to the gym, but that doesn't compare to playing.
Yesterday Pete and I headed out to a field near my house and played catch for a while. After catch he tried throwing me some grounders, but going up and down fielding just makes me so light headed, I could only do it for a few minutes. Then I got some batting practice in and I was hitting the ball okay.
After that I bought new batting gloves, my old ones had holes in them and they were so old. They were even mismatched!

There is a new show on tv called Missing, it has Ashley Judd in it. I figured I'd check it out since I'm home and always looking to watch new shows. Its about a former CIA agent and her son gets kidnapped while he is in school in Rome. Its slightly cheesey borderline could be on lifetime, but its decent so far. I might stick with it.


  1. I am so jealois that you play! I want to find a team here, it would be like when i was younger! Good luck on your first day of practice, im sure this year will be much better
    Xo, cb

    1. Ya its really hard to find info on leagues, I got into this one from knowing someone that knew someone. Its kind of a pain, because this one is a few towns over from me and I wish there was something like it in my own town.